Stimulus Bill: Free Money! Why Worry? We OWE It To Ourselves!

Mitch McConnell has always been a big government guy and complete embarrassment to the party. His cheesy commercials about the Georgia runoff elections are featured on Newsmax and I think he went down there for a couple days. Yet, instead of spending time campaigning for this important senatorial runoff he is teaming up with Pelosi passing a $2.3 trillion relief package that is stuffed with pork, to include tons of money going to foreign governments and giving the American people, the victims of the government shutting down the private sector, only $600 each. $600 probably wouldn’t even pay for one of Pelosi’s taxpayer funded bottles of wine.

600$ will probably keep someone high for a little while. Which is the constituency they are catering to

Why in hell would you want to have a photo op with Nancy Pelosi? The only thing worse would be kissing Hitler’s dead corpse.

Because she’s a democrat superstar man.