Stimulus Bill

First, I’m in complete sympathy with the conservative position opposed to bailing out failing/failed Democrat states/cities by providing them funds over and above DOCUMENTED costs resulting from the pandemic.

That said, I would simply make these two points.

First, politically speaking - this is probably NOT the moment in history to cut off negotiations while making an argument based on opposing increasing the deficit. Small businesses and large segments of the population are really hurting and fearful of hurting more largely as a result of media frenzy/fear mongering.

Second - and I hope I am totally mistaken - but at this point I DO NOT think Pelosi/Democrats want to make a deal and I DO NOT think they will make a deal - no matter what.

Why do I think this? IMHO, for Two reasons:
First, they do not want to give Trump anything that can be promoted as a victory for him. Second, I firmly believe they think they have the election of Biden (and perhaps both houses) pretty well sewn up and they will be able to pass a much, much larger package after January - and, of course - upping the size of the stimulus package by $ trillions will provide them the opportunity to bail out their Democrat produced local government fiscal failures and provide them the perfect cover to cram a huge tax increase up our asses - giving a little with one hand while taking much more with the other

Good luck to us all.

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Pelosi would never make a deal before the election, but Trump was foolish to break off the negotiations. He could have used her intransigence against her. She has shown the she does not care about the people’s suffering. All she wants is power.

Trump keeps missing chances to make points like this. Packing the Supreme Court is another. Biden and Harris have refused to answer direct questions concerning that so it doesn’t take a genius to know what their plans are.

Trump blew it in the first debate with his belligerence. He should have been quiet and let Biden hang himself.

Trump is not a good debater, IMHO. A few calmly presented, pointed questions directed from Trump toward Biden regarding packing the court, illegal immigration, US citizens paying for illegal’s healthcare/sanctuary cities, defunding and demoralizing police departments, his VP choice (Harris) and many of his billionaire supporters assisting in raising money to bail out looters, rioters, etc.

Some here will be quick to point out the moderators swing left-handed, and that’s true. But nothing was keeping Trump from redirecting the question/focus back on his opponent, as Pence did, Yes, the moderator would attempt to step in, but once the question is stated, it is hard for the target audience to ignore. Example: Joe, on such and such dates you said you would end fracking. Were you lying then or are you going to lie to the American people now? It would take less than 5 seconds to ask that question and others. No chance for the moderator to cut it off and Joe would in no way have been able to get off the hook.

One last final point on the stimulus negotiations - Trump/Mnuchin have raised their ante quite substantially on virtually every line item the Dems have come up with. IMHO, it is time to put the nail in Pelosi’s and the Dem’s coffin as it applies to the stimulus. I think Trump should hold the line on everything/every dime on the table - but one.

With much fanfare - such as, “people are hurting and need the money, we must continue to put people back to work, open up, not shut down businesses” - he should raise the individual payments to $2000 per individual and tell Pelosi that’s the bottom line. Defy her to turn it down.

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Agreed. Though I think the time where that could make a difference has come and gone. We’ve already had millions of ballots cast, and I just don’t think there is time to change anyone’s mind now.

Trump originally pushed to do a much cleaner bill in April with more checks, and Kevin McCartney dissuaded him. Which was horrible advice. The time to fight was almost six months ago.

Now we have 30 days to go until the election, and what proof do we have that Trump can force McCartney’s hand? In April he can say get on board, or I’ll campaign hard against every single person who stood in the way of the checks. He even had opportunities to intervene in primaries. Now? Too late. The Congressional races are mostly decided.

Trump was never going to get many Democrats, and he needed leverage over Republicans. He doesn’t have leverage over them anymore.

What on God’s Green Earth makes you believe that “The Congressional races are mostly decided?” The election is November 3rd and there will be almost infinitely more ballots cast then than have been sent in by mail in these blue States.

Who is this potential Republican voter who will vote for the Republican congressman if they pass Trump’s proposed clean check stimulus, but will either not vote, or vote for a Democrat if they fail to do it?
Does this describe even 2% of voters? Because if doesn’t, Trump has no leverage, and the race is already decided. We’re just waiting for ballots to come in, but intent to vote is settled.