Stockton Thieves Foiled When Employee Hides Getaway Car


Two robbery suspects were foiled when a Burger King employee slipped out the back door and made off with their getaway car.
Stockton police say it’s like nothing they’ve seen before. They say two men ran into a fast food restaurant, pulled out their guns and demanded cash.

Stockton Thieves Foiled When Employee Hides Getaway Car « CBS Sacramento
The thought crossed my mind that in other news where an employee stood up to a robber they got fired. This is a possibility here.


And I somehow doubt the employee is going to get fired.


I read this story last evening to Mrs. S in CA. Very amusing! What the BK employee did was sheer genius! I suppose, though, that there might be a few municipalities where charging the guy with car theft might be considered. I don’t think Stockton is in that league of stupid. The City Council, yes (they’re in bankruptcy, IIRC), but not Stockton PD or the San Joaquin County DA.


The geniuses should’ve just ordered their robbery at the drive-up window.
I can just hear the order taker: “Please drive up to the next window, and pick up your order.”