'Stop, hey...what's that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground!'


I was born three weeks before my mother’s 14th birthday and I THANK GOD that even at such a young age, my parents ‘chose’ life over such heartless and disgusting selfishness as these ‘creatures’ are so blatantly proud to display!

I mourn for the innocent and for our country!

(Disturbing video below)

‘Stop, hey…what’s that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground!’: Planned Parenthood backers mock, frolic on pro-life ‘fetus graveyard’


They’re either going to have repentence for their ghoulish behaviour, or they’re going to have a comeuppance on Judgement Day.


Throughout history the most despicable and disgusting attitudes and actions cling to the Extreme Left like maggots on a corpse; I am quite pleased that the days of them hiding who they truly are have passed and the era of them wearing their scumbaggery on their sleeves has commenced.

President Trump has been the single greatest force in getting the Left to cast aside their cloaks of normalcy and bare their dead souls to all; if nothing else is accomplished then that alone is enough to say “well done good and faithful servant” to our President.

Boldness by the Left is the greatest enemy of the Left; decent people simply will not join with Jackals once they are revealed.


Let’s hope that they will recognize the the jackals, but since so many of them have been programmed for so long by education system, they might lack that capacity.