Stop Malware Dead in Its Tracks - For Free!


Malware is easy to prevent. It’s just hard to prevent it using the tools most people are told about. Anti-viruses, anti-malware, and firewalls with HIPS are solutions for the 90s. They are outdated, and were never very effective in the first place.

So what to use? Three things. An anti-executable, a sandbox, and light virtualization. These three things together, ensure that you cannot be infected with a drive-by malware install. Best of all, all of these things are free. I believe that everyone should use at least an anti-execuatable and a sandbox. Light virtualization offers great protection, but can be inconvenient and takes getting used to. Read the description if you’re interested in seeing if it’s a good fit.

Anti-Executable: VooDoo Shield
For anti-executable, I suggest VoodooShield. This operates in the background and makes sure that while you’re browsing the internet, no program can run without your explicit permission. This is how malware infections occur. Due to browser exploits, a malware file can execute code on your computer. VoodooShield prevents it from running.

Sandbox: Sandboxie
For sandbox, I suggest Sandboxie. You run your browser in Sandboxie, and everything that happens, stays with the sandbox. If you come across something bad, it’s contained in the sandbox and can’t get out. When you wipe the sandbox, everything inside is gone. You can set up direct access to a folder for in case you want to save things from the browser, that will be saved to your actual system.

Light Virtualization: Time Freeze
For light virtualization, I suggest Toolwiz Time Freeze. This is the most major of the programs. And you may not want to use it, though it leads to the most rock-solid protection. What it does is basically what Sandboxie does with your browser, but to your entire system. So if you install a program, when you reboot, the changes are gone. Everything goes right back to how it was the last time you saved your OS.
You’ve probably seen a program like this at work in library or other places. Any changes you make, disappear on reboot. This ensures that even in the unlikely event that something manages to get past both VooDoo Shield AND Sandboxie, it’s still in vain, because it’s gone after you reboot.
Time Freeze can be inconvenient, however. Because you’re probably used to changes you make to the system instantly taking effect and remaining, it can take some getting used to, in order to remember that you have to explicitly tell Time Freeze to turn itself off, in order to do something like install a new program.

With these steps, you can ensure that you’ll never have problems with malware. Of course if you’ve been doing something different and it’s been working, there’s no need to change. This is advice for those who have had no luck with relying on popular advice and services like Geek Squad who make more money every time you get infected, so have little incentive to give you good protection. If you’d like to read more, Wilder’s Security Forum is the best source of information for both security and privacy.

Take care and stay safe :flag:


What I started do was using AVG to make systems saves weekly in the system rescue section. I’ve only gotten 1 malware since then & I went back & loaded last weeks save. No malware. I don’t know if that will always work but it did work that one time.


Having restore points is pretty good, and works against %95+ of malware. The really nasty ones(rootkits), will still be there, but the best way to prevent rootkits is really an anti-exe. I don’t know if AVG has one of those, I think Avast! does on their pay version, but I’ve been using VooDoo Shield for years, so I can personally vouch for it. But any anti-exe is going to be pretty similar to it.

What I posted is a lot more involved. It’s basically the difference between security checkpoints and walling off a city and digging a moat. The first one is good enough in most cases. The second one is pretty extreme, but nothing is getting through the second one.


I will admit when I first saw your post I was like, “Typical Malware post!!!” but I can vouch for Sandboxie. Awesome program. On my home computer I just use the free version of Avira. It has worked well for me for years. But if I am ever going to run something that I think is fishy I do run it in Sandboxie first. Plus I have a few extension for Chrome that I utilize, all tucked behind a VPN.

As for time Freeze, I have never used it but we run a similar program at my job called Deep Freeze which is basically the same. Again, great program.


I can say in all honesty that having a computer on my desk since the very early 80’s I have NEVER had malware, trojan horse, virus or any other bad juju in all these years…but then most of my time I have run UNIX or one of its derivates and of course mainframes and mini’s…

And in my world: Friends don’t let friends do DOS or Windoze…LOL