Store owner arrested for using food stamps to stock shelves


Store owner arrested for using food stamps to stock shelves
Michal Conger Staff Writer

A convenience store owner in Daytona Beach, Fla.was arrested Monday for running a food stamp scam, using tax dollars to stock his shelves.

Bassam Abu Diab and his son Matthew were buying food stamp cards for 20 to 40 cents on the dollar and using them to shop at Walmart and Save-A-Lot stores for items they sold in their convenience store, police said, according the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

“This guy is running a business on the taxpayers back,” said Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood, according to local tv station WFTV Channel 9. “It’s a fraud. He’s unscrupulous and clearly he didn’t learn from the last time we hit the store.”

Three points:

1.) First and most obvious, ***Good riddance, defrauder of taxpayers! May you have a long career of modeling orange jumpsuits and the cellmates of your nightmares!

2.) Why in Hades is this the second time this fraudster has been busted?!

3.) $88K in “foodstamps” purchases equates to hundreds, possibly thousands, of Valid “foodstamp” users selling their EBT cards. I wonder how many druggies’ and alkies’ habits those black market transfers represent. I’m guessing >>80%!


I couldn’t tell if this was his second time caught at Welfare Fraud, or his second crime - the 1st being the operating a pawn shop w/o a license.
Either way, I’m w/you, Pete. I hope he likes making orange jump suits. (And if not a U.S. citizen in some bottomless pit in wherever he came from.)

Lots of interesting comments following the story:

As in, where are all the people who were part of defrauding the tax payers? (Said the above was a Fed case, so they’ll probably walk. Still not right. Why would it be so hard to get the State involved?)

Those 10 for $10 sales the big box stores have. I always wondered who needed 10 boxes of Fruit Loops. Now I know.

My fav was the guy who quoted this line from the article:
"“This guy is running a business on the taxpayers back,”…
…then went on to say that so is GM, so what’s the difference? LOL Good one!