Storming the capital while in session, Sedition?

So when BLM attacks and vandalizing an empty building after hours, the wheels come off.

When Trump supporters attack and vandalize the nation’s capital while Congress is in session to ratify the electoral vote, what is that?

First, who here is going to call it out (Remember I denounced what happened in Portland and other places)?

For me, I’d say that the Capital and ESPECIALLY the chambers of Congress are sacred, even more so when they are in session.

Once you cross that threshold with the expressed purpose of influencing, stopping, showing your displeasure with an election you should be charged with citing an insurrection and sedition.

Any other time you should face felony charges and a nice long trip to the pokey.

And no I don’t care what your excuse, what part you belong to, if you enter the capital, the Whitehouse or the SC (and perhaps a few other buildings) you should be charged.

This is the sports equivalent of attacking the ref. In sports that is incredibly out of bounds and player know that is beyond the pale and will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

So what say you?

Ken, RET and PapaD, let me guess?

Funny you said very little when BLM and Antifa were burning and looting. You complained to no end when the political cleared the street in front of the White House after your people threw fire bombs over the White House fence. Now public buildings are “sacred.” Nice try, but your hypocrisy does not serve you well.

This is where your guy, who is not Trump, needs to step up and be presidential. So far all he’s done has been to ask Trump to address the nation. Trump should have done that many months ago instead of Tweeting and have having rambling press conferences, but that is beside the point.

Biden wanted this job; it’s his responsibility now.


BS. I denounced in no uncertain terms (take note you didn’t take this opportunity to denounce the attack on the US Capital by insurrectionists and terrorists). Plus, what happened in Portland doesn’t hold a candle to this. BLM’s goal was to attack federal property, not people (though I realize that some people may have been caught up in it).

You like hanging the shame of BLM and Antifa around my neck Send? Fringe groups on the supposed left?

These aren’t fringe groups. They are you. These people believe EXACTLY what you believe.

Now, do I get to hang their shame around your neck?

Now a young woman is DEAD because she tried to enter the House Chambers wearing a backpack and draped with a Trump flag. And I will happily hang this around the necks of all the people that have conspired to lie about what happened in this election. The people that, on the same day encouraged people to march on the capital. Giuliani who that morning called for “trial by combat”.

And I suppose that you and a few others here will denounce her being shot by law enforcement? They were literally on the other side of the door pointing guns at the door and being told to leave.

Did she deserve to die Send? Who is to blame?

And where was Trump? He sat by for hours as this played out and he had to be BEGGED by his staff to say something, then in his pathetic statement, FANNED THE FLAMES!!

I know there are at least a few people here who have supported Trump policies if not Trump himself. To you I say, this is the danger of Trump. He is a cult of personally, he’s not a leader and I have a feeling this isn’t the end of their insurrection.

Show us the EVIDENCE that these people were ACTUAL Trump supporters. Remember asking us repeatedly for EVIDENCE? Carrying a Trump flag and wearing a MAGA hat isn’t proof of ANYTHING.


It’s proof of a lot, And this is sickening.

Facial recognition firm claims antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol


There are excellent photos and tape of many of those who breached the capitol - it should be quite simple to ID them Of course, they should be rounded up, charged and prosecuted - with the results made public. That reminds me - did we ever ID any of those responsible for looting and destroying businesses last summer? We’re they prosecuted? What was the result? We need to know.


How is this not sedition?

Donald Trump supports this. Change my mind.

Hey, I’m just a foreigner and I don’t understand, but’s what’s the big deal about lynching? Can someone explain that to me? I saw “Hang 'em high” and I oved that movie. That’s what this is about, right?

Social media profiles will give most of these people away. The woman that was shot was an avid Trump supporter.

But don’t worry. Trump supporters will accept the lies (like sillieness above) or they will just move the goalpost.

The main stream news media has been salvating for this to happen for months. After months of rioting and looting by the far left, they now have the equalizer. They canceled their entertainment shows tonight to posture and show their righteous indignation. Those who rioted and burned last summer did not rate such coverage. One reporter was shown with a fire burning in the background calling it a peaceful demonstration.

I fully support prosecuting those who broke into and vandalized the capital. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Of course those who rioted, looted and burned last summer should have been arrested and prosecuted too. But Joe Biden’s staff raised bail money for the comparative few who were arrested. That shows their moral values.

Burn down someone’s, who had nothing to do with your grievances, so that you could get free stuff. That’s the way it is with the Democrat Party system of ethics and morality.


Trump supports have been salivating waiting for the opportunity to do this…

Bull Droppings


Notice I didn’t include your name in the group that would shamelessly defend these people (in another post). Thanks for not letting me down.

1 Agreed

2 I’m waiting for Trump to issue a blanket pardon. What do you want a bet?

Not a fan of Trump imposing a blanket pardon. I believe in personal responsibility.

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Crap. That’s how you demonize some one who disagrees with you. And it works.

Over eighty MILLION people voted against Trump. That is very much a “We, the people” kind of argument. You don’t like it, that’s your problem.

Our government and the individual members composing the body of Congress (both parties) are completely and throughly corrupt. They take literal direct bribes, and you look at the prospect of 20+ million people more than 4 months back on rent and facing eviction - and the thing that riles you is a few hundred people who lack decorum? Given all of the problems in the country this is pretty weak tea. Much like the BLM protests it’s bad optics but ultimately meaningless.

I was good with them burning down police stations. My biggest issue with them was when they switched from targets that made sense (burning police cars, police buildings, etc) and moved out to random spots.

How about this, rather than lazy condemnation, maybe you can make a case for me as to why we should respect the modern police force or the sitting members of congress? Give me a good reason why you think they have a legitimate claim to authority over people - when they do not serve them or their interests.

If only. But no, this is just fat old people larping as revolutionaries. Several people died at CHAZ as well. We have 300,000,000 people in the country. Hundreds have died today that you haven’t noticed and never will because the national media doesn’t cover people choking on food, or dying from preventable diseases.