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Clinton was NOT impeached for being an amoral womanizer…for HOPEFULLY the last time. He was impeached for being a liar, perjurer, suborner of perjury, witness tamperer and evidence tamperer in a federal lawsuit…and he was ALL of those things, though a gutless Senate absolved him of any legal responsibility for his crimes. The court didn’t, of course, fining him well over $1 million, ordering him to pay the complainant’s legal bills and suspending his law license.


I wasn’t talking about impeachment, I was talking about his womanizing and lies, which I heard about from the Religious Right for the last twenty years.

And are you really calling out Clinton for lying while supporting Trump? That’s rich.


I like to play a game with conservatives, whenever one of these Trump episodes happens. Called “What if Obama…”

What if Obama’s lawyer had paid a porn star to keep quiet about an affair? What would have been the conservative reaction? I wonder…


So, what if Obama had colluded with the Russians? What would have been the liberal reaction? I wonder…

Oh yeah, he actually did. Refresh me on the liberal reaction, I forgot.


If that’s true, then the GOP controlled Congress, Presidency, FBI and DOJ would do something about it, right?


TRANSLATION: You don’t have a clue as to how to answer my question.

I’ll help you anyway. Perhaps they knew (unlike the left) that collusion is not a crime; it just looks sleazy right before an election. But that was back in the days when the left saw no real threat from the Russians and Obama ridiculed Romney for thinking otherwise. Of course, times change, in the good old days the left saw the FBI and CIA as threats to civil liberties not as paragons of virtue.

It’s no wonder the left is as confused as they are. It’s hard to turn on a dime every time partisan politics requires it.


Probably wouldn’t have ever happened as his predisposition towards gay bathhouses would have precluded it.


I’m unsurprised that you don’t understand the difference between lying under oath (perjury) and telling meaningless fibs in speeches.


This whole ‘Stormy’ issue reveals the desperation of the Left and the Swamp as all of their other issues crumble. It was poll tested in November 2016. Didn’t move the needle then and won’t now. Stormy will get a big audience on 60 Minutes and then fade away.


Collusion that involves conspiracy IS a crime, of course, so tell me about this supposed “collusion” Obama engaged in.

Oh, and also tell me what anything Obama did has to do with Trump’s lawyer paying a porn star to keep quiet, and answer my original question: What would conservatives have done if Obama’s lawyer had paid a porn star off?

You have heard about “whataboutism” by now, right?


Stormy has staying power. Just like a certain woman with a blue dress some years back.


You seem to forget that Monica wore that “blue dress” IN THE OVAL OFFICE. Stormy Whatsis DIDN’T.


If I might remind you, we all American red blooded types afford a certain amount of LEEWAY in the morals of BILLIONAIRES! I mean, what is the use of daydreaming about being a bizzilionaire if all you get is WEDDED BLISS (or “blitz”, perhaps). Anyway, this Stormy D. must be something, as the CNN Gang had to get ANDERSON COOPER to do the interview, lest the interviewer be SEDUCED.
As Ms.Stormy is an EX-porn star, I wonder if she needs a position in a Senatorial Office? I always try to help the unemployed. And as long as everyone is being accused of SEXUAL IMPROPRIETY, I feel that being left out might eventually lead to recrimination and voter dissatisfaction, maybe ending up with having to be interviewed by ANDERSON COOPER myself! HARUMPH!

The Senator


Well, that makes it OK then! Welcome to the gutter, Christians. We liberals always knew you’d eventually end up here :slight_smile:


What in the world are you trying to pull here?

PD NEVER NEVER said one makes the other “OK” . . . you’re trying to put words in his mouth.


Just supporting someone as odious as Trump makes you slimy. Don’t you feel dirty having to explain his awful behavior? And did you guys like Bill Clinton so much you wanted your own conservative version of him? Cause that’s what you got! Plus Trump perving on his daughter and ten year old girls.

Remember when Trump pointed to a little girl and fantasized about dating her? Pepperidge Farm does!

Hey, you voted for the creep. Enjoy!


Only the Left could be so desperate as to put all their eggs in the basket of a porn stars integrity, there will be no “blue dress” because there is never any evidence for the rabid accusations of the Left toward Trump.

But you guys just keep whistling through that graveyard :wink:


Sure, my personal lawyer pays porn stars $130,000 in hush money all the time. Doesn’t yours, Ret? Do you really think a guy who’s had kids with three different women, and cheated on all of them, wouldn’t like a little spanking every now and then from a porn star?

Like I said, you voted for the creep. Own it.


I didn’t vote for Trump, but it sounds like you voted for his opponent who did far worse when running the “Bimbo eruption team” for her husband.

Your candidate destroyed several women’s lives to keep them quiet, and those women had actual evidence.