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I was 16 when Clinton ran in 96. And if you mean Hillary, I voted for Bernie. There are a lot of people on the left with no love for the Clintons.


Did you also vote for Bernie in the general election???


Yeah, wrote his name in. Not because he was a socialist, but because he wasn’t a *****grabber (edited by FC) or a corporate shill.


Why would a self-professed germophobe stick his wee-wee into a cesspool?


How many kids does he have with how many different women? Five? Obviously, he’s not that much of a germophobe, is he? And are you really going to take his word on anything? Lulz


Sanders is even worse!
The man is a millionaire who has never held a real job in his life!

A Communist who condemns people who have EARNED THEIR WEALTH while he uses his government job to graft himself into the “1 percent” that he relentlessly insults.

I guess nobody ever told you about developing a stone throwing fetish when you live in a glass house.


He has 3 sons and two daughters by three wives…ALL of whom he’s loved and supported for their entire lives–unlike some sports figures who have a dozen kids by four or five women, none of whom they were married to and none of whom they support financially OR emotionally, yet are lionized by leftists as urban “heroes.”


Guys, let’s stay away from graphic sexual vulgarities, please. I edited one, but we all need to steer clear of it.


We were talking about Trump’s supposed fear of germs. Pay attention.


Not my fault we have a NSFW President. You guys wanted him, you got him.


First of all, he’s not “my guy;” I didn’t vote for him. Second, what is your fault is that you used an obscene expression which could have been worded in a more family-friendly manner. Third, don’t do it. Sexual foul language has been against forum rules from the beginning of the site.


And THANK GOD we’ve got him instead of that criminal Clinton!


Clinton wasn’t impeached for receiving Lewinski’s in the Oval Office. He was impeached for lying under oath.

Liberal’s defended him with “that was his personal life, it doesn’t matter in his job performance.”

Trump “may have” had relations with a porn star. That was his personal life, before he took office. It is just allegations anyway.

Maybe he did nothing, but was alone with her, and to avoid issues popping up he had his lawyer give her the hush money.

She breached the contract. She’s a porn star. Is she supposed to now be a pillar of virtue?

Either way, he didn’t do it in the Oval Office. He didn’t lie under oath.

I don’t care.

I care more about him passing the Omnibus bill. I am quite pissed about that. However, he has done other things that I’m quite pleased with.


I might remind you that baselessly attempting to impeach Clinton over nothing, and whining incessantly about his sex life, lead to the peak of his presidential approval. Democrats are making a mistake(again) on this one.
But they couldn’t figure out why running John Kerry 2.0 was a mistake, so learning from the recent past doesn’t seem to be a strong suit.

Though I do find the mental gymnastics on Trump’s side in this thread to be hilarious. I never doubted the thing with Daniels from day one. Why would I? Sounds like classic Trump to me.


I dont know about that: classic Trump seems to me more ‘being scummy with women’ than ‘being with scummy women’.


Over “nothing” CWolf??? Were you asleep through the 90’s when Clinton lied under oath, demanded that other witnesses do the same and hide the gifts he gave them for doing so? ALL of those things are federal CRIMES, punishable for between 5 & 8 years in federal prison…and he did ALL of them while President. ALL were “high crimes” (felonies). The gutless Senate found him to be “not guilty” for political purposes…not because he was ACTUALLY not guilty. The court that was handling the case where these things happened disagreed and fined him, suspended his law license and made him pay the plaintiff’s legal costs.


It was 20 years ago. It may be time to consider letting it go.
It was clearly a political mistake. There’s no doubt there.

Impeaching Trump and complaining about his sex life will be just as much of a political loser for the Democrats as doing the same thing with Bill Clinton was for Republicans.


Idk about that, either. Bill Clinton had a friendly (obsequious, imho) press, and the press is nothing if not hostile to PDT.