Stossel Special Winning the Presidency:


I just watched a really good Stossel Special just now about how modern day Presidential campaigns are run. Everything from crowds, to camera angles and podium heights are discussed. Uninformed voters based on looks or appearances, gaffes or amazing one liners that everybody will be talking about around the country, and the crucial swing states. These are actually the things that really matter!

We at Republican Operative are in the minority people! All of us. We don’t count. If you live in NJ like I do, you will be voting for Obama, if you live in Texas you will be voting for Romney. If you vote for Ron Paul or Obama in Texas it won’t matter. If you vote for Romney or Ron Paul it won’t matter in NJ. So it comes down to a few undecided uninformed dimwits who can’t even make it to the polling booths by themselves. Is it any wonder that appearances and tone matter more than well thought out ideas?

Have you ever wondered why a scientist or an eccentric CEO with crazy ideas that just might work never ran for or won the Presidency? It’s not some grand conspiracy by the powers that be. It’s simple logic and perhaps the glory of America!

WINNING THE PRESIDENCY || New Stossel Special This Friday at 10PM ET | Stossel’s Take Blog

Veteran campaigners like Bob Beckel, Ed Rollins, Patti Solis Doyle, and Karl Rove share their war stories and reveal what really happens inside campaigns. They tell Stossel how campaigns try to micromanage the “message”, telling the story that THEY want told. Campaigns are often won and lost based on “moments” the public remembers.