Strange But Beautiful


I have been watching “Planet Earth” on the BBC channel and last evening they had an episode called “South Pacific”.
(Sometimes, I get really tired of the political shows)

Well, I just had to download a copy of the entire episode just to cut out and put a two minute segment of the documentary on Youtube to share!
(I kept a copy of the entire video in case anyone is interested)

This is the part where strange creatures who come out only at night from the deepest part of the Pacific.

He says in the video that the Seahorses shown have never been seen before?

Then how did Salviati know what they looked like when he created my set of Seahorse stems?

I get a kick out of the one that flashes in the colors of our traffic lights!


I have watched this series and the new one “Planet Earth II”. They are both beautifully photographed, but you have to be careful with David Attenborough. Some of his claims are absolutely fraudulent. Plus, I don’t believe in the theory of evolution and he is a staunch evolutionist. You’d think that with all the incredible beauty and marvel of nature, he would have to recognize that these incredible examples of order and genius could not have come from disorder and chaos.


I know.

He/they are sneaky in the way that they tend to sneak in the Glow-bull Warming and Evolution propaganda from time to time.

It’s a shame that Everything has to be ruined with politics and propaganda! .


Yes, I watch it too.

And CT is right. Attenborough is an unabashed extreme leftist.

One of his favorite tactics is to get something in on AGW when there’s a feature on . . . POLAR BEARS (which are featured frequently).

To listen to Attenborough, you’d think Polar Bears are about to become extinct.

Another favorite of his during these episodes is to bemone the loss of the . . . PACK ICE. Listening there will make you think the North and South Poles are . . . DISAPPEARING.

Another favorite of his is to claim the snow leapord is disappearing. In fact, those things are difficult to film because of the rocky high terrain they live in. Just because you can’t catch them on film doesn’t necessarily mean they are disappearing.

Geeez . . . the guy is a moron.

Relative to Sea Horses, I saw that episode. IIRC, it was about a specific species of sea horse. That species is the one that hasn’t been seen before.

In that same episode, there was a seahorse species featured that was no bigger than your thumbnail.

In any case, I agree with CT . . . watch it and ignore Attenborough.


Yeah, Attenborough irritates me to no end. Not long ago, he made a statement about Blue Whales, the largest marine mammal in the world. At first, he said that there have been so few sightings of the Blue Whale that scientists didn’t really know much about them claiming that the whales were very elusive. In the next breath, he states that from a population of over 300,000 Blue Whales, there are only about 3,000 left. How did he/they manage to count all those BWs if they were so elusive? Like you said, he is a member of the global-warming religion and is constantly harping on the loss of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. Tune him out completely.


Yes, well put.

I rily rily like these shows, and have come to view Attenborough as just a minor annoyance. I really don’t hear him anymore.


Yes, CT, I remember the Blue Whale episode. Magnificent creatures.

There’s a line in Anger Management (starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler) where Nicholson is discussing a work associate of Sandler’s who has a “big package”. Nicholson says: He could satisfy a Blue Whale.

There have been quite a few episodes on Whales. Belugas, Humpbacks, Sperm, Killers (a pod hunting cooperatively), etc. Fascinating stuff.


Yes, I watch those shows all the time. Except for the wily crow, dolphins and whales are my favorite animals. I just saw an article the other day about an Orca that grabbed a boat’s anchor, which was broken down, and hauled it into the bay! Incredible! They are highly intelligent and have an affinity for humans–as we do with them! One of my “bucket list” items is to swim with live dolphins. I doubt if I’ll ever get a chance, though.


Growing up in South Florida I have had the opportunity to do just that.

As a kid I even got to pet and give some fish to Susie (Or was it mitzie or cathy?) who was the first Flipper.
(Age takes it’s toll.)

I think there were a half dozen Flippers in all, all of them except one that were female.

A lot of the first flipper series episodes were filmed in Miami and the keys.

Later as a teen I use to scuba dive with friends and it wasn’t unusual for us to run into a ‘pod’ of dolphin who enjoyed messing around with us funny looking humans!:laughing:


I lived in south Florida for 11 years. I lived in a small town called Davie which, at the time, was in unincorporated Ft. Lauderdale. I HATED living in Florida. I worked in Coconut Grove and that I loved. But, I was there to care for my mother, grandparents, and aunt. They all died within a span of 5 years. My younger sister and I went to that famous water show (can’t remember the name of it–age, you know!) and was picked to be kissed by a seal. It was pretty cool. But, really hated the sun and heat–I thought it was totally monotonous having grown up in Chicago. I would have loved to have gone scuba diving, though. That’s about the only good thing I can think of about living in a sauna year round.


Yep, Davie was something else way back when!
Cowboys riding up to the McDonald’s and hitching their horses to the ‘hitching posts’.

There was a time where blacks wouldn’t be caught dead in the town of Davie … or they would! 8(

I was born and raised in Broward County of which Davie is a part of as well as my home town of Fort Lauderdale.

Back in the day, there was no better world to grow up in.


The Miami Seaquarium?
The heat and humidity never bothered us until we had our first introduction to a neighbors new in-home air conditioning! 8)
(I was around 16 by then.)

Scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, deep sea fishing, kiting (as in being lifted by a kite into the air by boat), beach parties at night … I could go on and on.

Heck, I lived on my own houseboat for a few years on the inter-coastal where folks now pay millions to live close to now! 8)

Living no further away from Lauderdale Beach than a mile my entire young adult life, I would not trade those memories for a Zillion dollars!


I saw plenty of people on horseback. There was a horse tie-up outside of a Winn-Dixie just north of the “downtown” strip. It was also home to a virulent group of white supremacists–I believe they were called “The Davie Boys” but also the KKK. I saw them marching around in their costumes outside of the Davie courthouse on a Sunday. There was one old geezer being wheeled around in his wheelchair. The cops were stopping cars every 1/4 mile or so checking IDs and such. These wackos were protesting a permit given to a group of Vietnamese who wanted to open some kind of a store or restaurant in downtown Davie.

Yes, it was the Miami Seaquarium! I suppose no matter where one grows up, it will also be their beloved home. I grew up in Chicago and like you, I loved the activities in the winter–ice skating, tobogganing, skiing, building snow forts, and all those fun kid things. We had a number of blizzards that caused huge amounts of snow and drifting. There was one that caused snow drifts all the way up to our bedroom windows on the 2nd floor. Because the back door was sealed shut by snow drifts, my sister and I climbed out of my bedroom window and slid down the snow drift to shovel out the door. It was great! The summers were very hot and humid. That I didn’t like except when we were going to the YMCA pool to go swimming. Unlike most of the people in our street, we didn’t have a pool. So, for a dime each, my sister and I used to walk to the YMCA for an afternoon swim. Yeah, those were the “good ol’ days”! Did you live in south Florida when Hurricane Andrew hit? I was 2 weeks away from moving back to Chicago with my 89 year old grandfather. He went with me reluctantly, and luckily, our home didn’t sustain any major damage. But, I thought it was the worst hurricane ever–worse than Katrina and the one that hit the Carolinas. Where do you live now?


Yes, I was there when Andrew hit.
(Fort Lauderdale)

I have been living in Virginia for the last 17 years now.

Yep, The “Davie Boys” were world famous in those days.
The Chief of Police of the Davie police force in the late 60’s early 70’s was the towns klan leader.


I can’t watch any videos, but it sure is pleasant to read a thread like this, after scrolling my way through so many “Alaska Slim threads”.


LOL! I know what you mean! :upside_down_face:


Yes, a lot of us do.