Strength Through Faith

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:8 KJV


Okay universally Good personal news thread I like this.

My son is health happy and alive, and I thank the Lord for that every day.
My wife her health is sustaining at the moment I thank the Lord that it is very stable.
I reconnected with my aunt the other day and that was Good.
My sister had a baby on 9/13 9lb 16oz all healthy, both baby and her Truly Praise the Lord for that.
My fathers health seems to be stable and I thank the Lord for that as well.
A group of Churches here raised money to build a soberity house here in the county I thank the Lord for such generosity.

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Good News! :innocent:

I feel I learned a lesson from the Lord today and last night. I was worried about losing my family, my home. I became so fixated on money that I never considered what the Lord wanted from me. As long as I have my family I’m gonna be ok, rental or mortgage I’ll be ok. I draw strength from him not the world. I had to remember that last night and this morning. That he is in control not me. I need to be ok with that because I can flail and protest as much as I want. At the end he’s giving me the experience I need to serve him. He’s always truly known me better. He’s always known what is best. Blessed is our Lord Jesus Christ.


God helps those who help themselves. Every animal that was put on this world to work to survive.

I don’t want to upset you on matters of faith which are deeply persona, but for others who might learn from scripture heere what you said is dangerous, people are powerless God is the protector. We are helpless God is the difference maker. The reason I don’t dive into the left’s social logic is that it is anti-biblical.

Here take this baptist theologian who’s very far right his take on that comment he is a member of Americans for Morality so he is definitely in the right wing camp.

I don’t know why this gets quoted so much when it’s nowhere to be found in the Bible. I think it would be more accurate to say that God helps those who are helpless, since in regard to salvation from our sins, we are.

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Most Quoted Non-Bible Quote? :innocent:

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You will note that the quote is, “God helps the helpless.” It says nothing about God helping people who want to live off the efforts of others.

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Hmmm. I wonder how many Democrat forum sites have a Faith and Beliefs section.

None. I wonder how many Republicans actually practice what they preach same answer none.
I’ve taken three homeless people in this year how many have you all in a life time. You’ll be judged on that one day. What you did for the least of them.

How long did it take you guys to take a nice thread and crap all over it 3 days.

Oh, I wasn’t suggesting that God favors laziness.

I’d like to know how you came to this conclusion. Seems to me that you’re painting with a broad brush on the basis of little fact, and ignoring a lot on your own side of the aisle.

“Crap all over it”? Is my legitimate pondering “crap”? Why is my idle musing “crap”?

I don’t frequent any Democrat forums, so I’d have to do some work to find the answer, but I do kind of wonder if any of them have any section devoted to God or religion.

You see, Republicans are generally known to honor the Lord God who created us and who has richly blessed our nation. My impression is that Democrats generally do not. So my impression would be contraindicated if there is a faith section in a Democrat forum.

I don’t think that question is “crap”.

While it’s been around since “chads were hanging,” I would suggest prophylaxis! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Religion & Spirituality - Democratic Underground

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Thanks, Seargeant. I’m surprised they had such a category, but I find the subcategories a little telling.

There’s “Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity”, “Christian Liberals & Progressive People of Faith”, “Muslim/Islam” and even “Pastafarians” but nothing for ordinary or evangelical Christians. (Looks like “Orthodox” refers to the Eastern Orthodox church, not the generic term “orthodox” which some people use instead of “evangelical”.)

You’re very welcome! :innocent:

Church fathers talked about it:

“St. John Chrysostom (A.D. 349-407), the renowned Archbishop of Constantinople, expresses this idea in his Homily on the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans. He explains how this principle is true (though not in the sense that men can “earn” their salvation), insofar as God grants all human beings sufficient natural revelation to know He exists and to seek Him diligently. Speaking to the Catholics of his day, he warns:”

Let us then watch our own conduct on all sides, and afford to no one ever so little handle. For this life present is a race-course and we ought to have thousands of eyes on every side, and not even to fancy that ignorance will be an adequate excuse.

For there is such a thing, there certainly is, as being punished for ignorance, when the ignorance is inexcusable. Since the Jews too were ignorant, yet not ignorant in an excusable way. And the Gentiles were ignorant, but they are without excuse. (Rom. i. 20.)

For when thou art ignorant of those things which it is not possible to know, thou wilt not be subject to any charge for it: but when of things easy and possible, thou wilt be punished with the utmost rigor.

Else if we be not excessively supine, but contribute our own share to its full amount, God will also reach forth His hand unto us in those things which we are ignorant of. And this is what Paul said to the Philippians likewise. “If in anything ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you” (Phil. 3:15).

But when we are not willing to do even what we are masters of, we shall not have the benefit of His assistance in this either . . . . For this reason then, when [Cornelius the Centurion] was doing the whole of his duty with sincerity, God added unto him that which was lacking also (c.f., Acts 10:1-4).

If you have capacity you could be using to help yourself with a problem, but you’ve continuously chosen not to; praying to God to help you with that problem instead is poor form.

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“Pastafarians” but no “Rastafarians”? I thought the DU folks were all good with ganja.