Strict Gun Laws in Chicago? Or is it a myth?


So I am a big fan of a lot of conservative talk show hosts, and listen to them on my weekly commute. As a millennial, I really learn a lot. I have always considered the ones I listen to, to be trusted sources.

However, I need some help from many of you who are much wiser and more knowledgeable than me in this subject. After the Vegas shooting, and before it, some conservatives will say, “Chicago has SOME of the toughest gun laws in the USA and yet there are still so many murders.”

I also though this was a fact (the strict gun law part), and one I repeated (which is my ignorance showing maybe). I know the murder rate is still extremely highly despite gun laws, because criminals and gang violence will get firearms no matter what.

But I have been doing research on it myself to stay armed with the true facts, and I am at a loss as to how I can now back up that claim when Illinois laws don’t seem to be that much stricter than other states as of 2017?

HELP!! I never ask for anything, but I am not getting anymore facts on my own!


The city of Chicago is what you need to search. Illinois itself isn’t near as bad.




Thank you so much! You’re free to delete this thread if you so choose? I don’t mind. Maybe this was the wrong place to put it anyways!
I don’t know how you found that pdf, but it was extremely enlightening. Had no idea all the “unsafe” guns and brands on the list… seemed like pretty much every gun company ever started.

Maybe I have been looking in all the wrong places, and yes, I wasn’t specifically focusing on Chicago, to be fair, so that didn’t help my case. Once you type anything like Chicago and gun laws in google, you’re sure to get a liberal news media site.


My google fu is strong when I decide to use it.

Glad you found it helpful. Chicago is a great city, with some great food, and a storied history. Unfortunately, like most all big cities, it becomes top heavy with liberals and is ruled by idiot sheep who want their “free.”


Chicago has long been hostile to handguns; most of my life.