Strong recommendation!


I don’t know much about it, but RO is up. I strongly recommend:

*Changing your RO PW to something very different;

  • If your PWs on other forums were similar to your former RO PW, change those to something different from your new RO PW.


I just got where I can remember 123456, now I need to learn ANOTHER PASSWORD

Anyway, glad to see we’re back :whistle:


Suggest making the password complicated,such as:

Minimum of 8 characters,with one upper case,one number and one symbol.

The setting in the Admin board can be set up to mandate such a password.


Those were all mandatory at my previous employer. They were worried about hackers … Zimbabwean hackers, since Obama was in power.


Where is the owner?

The site is back up,but not a comment from the owner shows up.

I found a TWO year old thread,where John states that he has difficulty maintaining the effort to keep the place running,suggest a few ways to address it,but no indication it was solved then.


Glad to see RO back up. I had become so used to getting some message that I did not like I had try this out before believing it.


At this point I’ve not seen anything from WIJG. Last I heard he was living in Japan, so it’s his night time, more or less.


Crap; I can’t remember the one I had. I’m old you know, so every time I see my password it is for the first time.


VERY happy RO is back up! I’ve missed this site being here.


He still hasn’t showed up,he should have at least made a post by now on this. It appears he isn’t that interested anymore to do it. The forum is still in danger if this true.

I have seen forums die due to neglect,such as , Globalic Warming, Bouncers and The Right stuff forums,that I were members in. It could happen here too, if the Administrators continue to be missing for long periods of time.

This has to change.


This forum is nearly dead in part because the there is no enthusiasm by the owners driving the place. He never did reply my question and doesn’t show up for long periods of time. The Moderators seems to be mostly inactive too,so who is here to help drive the place?

Now I regret not taking over this forum,when I was asked to do a few years ago,I would have quickly left vBULLETIN when the software was no longer supported for IP Board or myBB. Would have been active and used a different kind of discipline not often used in forums,which would have brought in a greater diversity of thought to the debate. Echo chambers gets boring quickly and make people learn a lot slower.

So what is it going to be owner, going to change from this yuckky forum software,change the current set up or give the forum to someone else?

When are you going to bring this once active interesting forum back to life?


It’s not the same owner as it was a year ago.


Ok, thanks for that. However that actually supports my point since it hard to notice anyone in charge. Hard to know if there is anyone here,since coming here is like beaming into a cave.


Yes, this site used to be very very active.

I think there are two reasons it’s no longer as active as it once was:

  1. When the site went down (for whatever reason), and didn’t come back up for MONTHS, it lost a lot of users.

  2. This new format chased off a lot of people that used to post.

It’s going to take a lot of time to build up the traffic again.


I knew that Bob, but taking MONTHS to get it back online happened because the previous owner was not paying attention. That is what happens when the owner doesn’t take their forums seriously,it tends to suffer. The ORIGINAL owner was great! as he made his presence known with his regular postings and administrative actions,which help drive the forum ahead.

I have seen this pattern several times now, Liberty Dwells forum was hacked,but owner didn’t restore it because he didn’t do proper backups. Then he finds some of the stuff,he didn’t restore it because he took way to long to do it. Globalic Warming forum, died because the owner didn’t maintain the set up,it was a decent warmist site too which is a shame as the main moderator there allowed skeptics like me to post my stuff without a problem. It died due to a spam bomb attack,since he never upgraded to phpBB3,with a much better spam prevention set up. Same with Bouncers forum, another interesting liberal forum that was neglected by the owner,who got angry with me for making suggestions,even banned me,then left in a huff (the forum was still alive then) but the Moderator restored me, but stopped visiting there for a while,then later decided to see what it look like now,it has been wiped out by hackers who love long out of data phpbb2 software. The list goes on.

One last forum before I end this rant,

Free Conservatives was a large active forum with a few thousand members in it.I joined that place in Jan 1,2005,enjoyed posting there with over 5,000 postings in it. But something rotten was going on during the time I was active,the quality of the Moderating was at times TERRIBLE,they were grossly unfair to the many liberals who for some reason had joined by the HUNDREDS to debate something,which provides energy to the place The Mod decisions were too often one sided and simply unfair,I remember saying to myself about it over and as I saw it happen. The owner after a few years (Warlady) had taken a back seat and away for long periods of time,which means no one in place to keep the Mods honest. She came back a different person,who was heck of a lot more intolerant of opposing viewpoints,the mods seem to pick up on it, where they started banning even conservatives too. The liberals stopped joining and the ones who were there became members of the banned list,which essentially killed the forum,but there were a lot of great stuff still sitting in it,including a huge sub forum on climate stuff that I was very active in.

I went away for a year,came back to see if the forum was under a new owner,whom I bugged a few times in personal messages,saying he needs to ditch most of the Mods,for new ones. He decided to delete a lot of stuff to restart a new one with me as an Administrator to watch over it,but then decided to wait a while to fully restore it,kept the place shut down. That is why Liberty Dwells grew rapidly for a time as people got tired of waiting for Rhino to get it rolling,I waited too for over THREE years for him to open it up. This means that members of both forums they were in were let down by the neglectful owners. The once fine conservative forum died because of bad neglectful owners who didn’t stay on top of it.

It was my favorite forum to visit too.I still miss it.

Here is the wayback to it, I was online as shown in the link in early 2006



Just FYI:

The current site owner, RO_Admin, is one of the top 30 users by login time daily. This is every day since the relaunch.

We get system reports that the staff all see.


That’s nice, but there may be only 31 people coming here,log in and comment since the relaunch.

So far just ONE comment was posted before me today,just ONE! Which makes two so far over all.

This is very bad.


Gee the owner didn’t know it was down for months… very bad indeed.

This the main reason why this forum is nearly dead now. Owner neglect coupled with a bad forum software will probably end this forum run.

I am leaving for good this time,as there is no enthusiasm,effort or visibility from the owner,who is STILL a mystery to me. He has yet to reply my comments of TWO WEEKS ago!

Going back to conservative underground and other forums with owners always around.

Good Bye.


You’re giving up too quickly. The current owner is new, but I agree about the software. And I’ll never go back to CU. There is somewhere a story of what happened, and the owner isn’t (wasn’t) altogether to blame.


Wish you would stay.

My role is largely security and software updates.
I like debate and read a lot, but I don’t have as much time to write.

I do monitor this forums uptime.

Political discourse is important to me, but my role for now is a support role only.

The previous owner mentioned how good this mod team is, how fair and balaned. I agree after my ~4 months seeing their work first hand. Glad I didn’t change much there (other than unfortunately give them less intuitive tools to use - but they roll with the punches good)

RO is here to stay. Make it your place to spark debate