Strong recommendation!

He knew it was down; he took it down himself to thwart a hack attack. He didn’t bring it back up quickly because of the lack of vBulletin support.


He should have moved to a different software, since vBULLETIN had already stopped supporting version 3 series. That made it become vulnerable to hacking.

Now this software is hacker free because it is garbage, no honor in trying to hack it…

The current owner still doing nothing to revive this forum?

I see that Ro-admin has not posted since July 2018, last visit was November 2019.

I see another probably fatal forum crash coming, since the boss is once again gone for long periods of time.

Why not pass the forum to me then, since you aren’t interested in being here…

The owner, moderation team completely missing all year., except for one, and he hasn’t been seen since February.

Why doesn’t the owner give this forum to someone, maybe me, who will be here everyday and invigorate the place?

I believe you would have the support of many, were you to become the owner. We need all the forces we can get right now.

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