Students, faculty demand OCC get Republicans 'out of our face'


Students, faculty demand OCC get Republicans 'out of our face’
Peter Van Voorhis
California Campus Correspondent

Students and faculty stormed the Orange Coast College administration building Monday to protest the release of public records and demand that the administration end its “neutrality” on political issues by removing the College Republicans.

The protest formed in opposition to the OCC College Republicans chapter, which released emails obtained from a public records request showing Professor Jessica Alabi telling OCC President Harkins that she would “stand up” to the club if he did not. The documents also revealed that Alabi later prevented several Republican club members from attending one of her events on campus because they were deemed a threat to the students’ “safe space.”

The CRs have demanded an investigation into Alabi’s behavior, which fits into a wider pattern of faculty hostility toward the club ever since it made national news by released a recording of one professor’s classroom rant calling Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

I think this situation has gotten to the point that if the college administration caves even slightly, the whole mess would be taken to court, where it could blow up in the collective face of the college administration. Orange Coast College is a junior college located in Costa Mesa, CA, a bit south of the Land of LA.


Students berate professor who refused to participate in no-whites ‘Day of Absence’

By Bradford Richardson
The Washington Times -
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another article about colleges being completely messed up now.

> Over the last 72 hours, students have taken over a small liberal arts college in Washington state, and only one adult has tried to stop them.
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> “Didn’t you educate us on how to do s—t like this?” one student said. “It was you that taught us that in class. Right, though? You taught us to go and change the world. Ain’t that what you all sell on that state college page? To when s—t is wrong that we should try to change it? So why you all in here eating cake and chewing?”

(Scroll down past the sponsored ads, or use the ‘click to read more’ button - which ever way the link down loads for you) This sort of thing is, IMO, completely out of hand and needs to be ended by the simple expedient of expelling the students for blocking the education of others. Seems to me that this conduct denies other students their First Amendment rights.


I have said this on the internet forums, but it IS time to clean out our colleges and universities of the socialist influences, and drop all children who are not ready for higher education. Withhold funds from all institutions who spend more time indoctrinating and less time educating.


I would not agree with that. We are in this mess today because we did not teach about Communism and Socialism.

If you don’t know about these then the sweet song of socialism becomes attractive to you and you wonder why not. Look back over your life and you will find you have done a lot of things that looked good or good idea at first blush, but when you got into it was not a pretty has you had hoped. How many times have you bought an XYZ and to save a few buck you will assemble it at home only to find that the ‘simple hand tools’ and ‘so easy a child can do it’, turns into a Snap On chest of tools and even your buddy an engineer cannot figure it out.

The failure to teach GOVT, Economics and Politics along with what has made America the greatest country with successes that has led the world. We have accomplished more since WWII than any country in all of history combined, our capitalist engine lifted the entire world from WWII into the 20th century.

I look back on all my schooling and none of it taught the pitfalls of Communism or Socialism and barely promoted Capitalism. I dare say todays youth has no idea what any of this is and its good and or bad. See my other threat on UBI Universal Basic Income, a program backed by over a dozen uber rich people and they key champion is the 4th richest man in the world…anyone note that he is NOT a capitalist? Trump is, I am and its why I supported him…Trump is the FIRST capitalist elected to office in my lifetime and maybe since 1900.

Yet Zuckerberg is planning on running for POTUS and his key plank is UBI. My guess, that is worth 100MILLION votes right off the top. I do not believe he can be defeated. Mostly because all he is doing is promoting Socialism and if you do not know what it is, then how can you say NO!

Same in not calling them Radical Islamic Terrorists and you can’t go Deer hunting unless you call it a Deer…

In our military we have a lot of FAO’s, these are Officers who sign up to be Foreign Area Officers. They study a certain country such as Korea, Iraq, Russia etc.


There’s a VAST difference between teaching what Socialism and Communism ARE, in reality, than in PROMOTING them as the best alternatives to Capitalism, however…and THAT’S what our universities are doing today. Our current crop of college graduates has had as many as 18 years of indoctrination into the “joys” of socialism, courtesy of our benighted “public school” system and thousands of ultra-left “professors,” most of whom couldn’t hold a REAL job to save the lives of their own children.


We were taught what communism and socialism were. Now they’re telling them just the opposite.


Your post is spot on except the bit about Trump. Trump is no capitalist. He is an assault on capitalism. I suppose given Zuckerburg and the modern progressives, he may sorta look like one and may even be preferable.

I’ll never forget Mike Pence on the administration’s pre-office crony capitalism with Carrier: “The free market has been sorting it out, and America’s been losing.”

Those are words that should never once exit the mouth of any capitalist. He was defending Trump’s anti-capitalist agenda.


I do not see the anti capitalist that you do. Trump is a builder, he creates and that is how he built his business, thru Real Estate development. He bet on the future. Capitalist are gamblers and have a LOT of lose. ZuckerMan on the other hand had nothing to lose, he is not as much as a capitalist as my dog…who by the way OWNS his own company and I work for him.

I have started 7 companies, the company I started and own now has been in business 7 years, sales are up 31% so far this year. All of my companies have been successful, but not all of them lasted. I used 100% of my own money and credit cards. 1 company there were 3 principals (partners). We all knew each other before we started, I was the key founder, bringing in the other 2. I was the Operations guy, the other guy was logistics and the 3rd guy was business development. Things were booming or so we thought. Jerry, the business development guy who built the deals, one day did not show up for a meeting. Did not think anything of it, we were busy. Week later neither of us had heard from him, calls gone unanswered now went into a no working number. We drove over to his house and there was a for sale sign and he and wife were GONE and no one knew where. I began contacting our clients and no, they had never signed a contract with our company, did not know who were were. Then finally I mentioned Jerry’s name…Ohhh yea, we have a signed agreement with him and his company…HIS COMPANY? Yea, they are based in Chicago (we are in Dallas). We went down the tubes, but managed to pay off all our workers and bills before we vacated. But it cost a bundle, but it was the right thing to do. I learned some HARD lessons and Jerry, he went on to create a big company up there in Chicago, and he did very well, later opened offices there in Dallas. We never heard from him and he never took our calls.


This BS will come to a head ONLY when/if parents borrowing on their home to pay for their kid’s tuition decide enough is enough.

The '60s radicals grew up, received draft deferments to attend college during the Vietnam era and are now either in charge of the universities or their proteges are. It is no accident that far left liberals far outnumber conservatives among college faculty.

That said - My son has already begun on-going discussions with our 2 granddaughters regarding educational expectations - It goes something like this: "If you want your mother and me to foot the bill for your college education then you will major in math, science or engineering. But if you want to attend university to read poetry and/or take “Women’s Studies” you can check out books of poetry and far left propaganda from the library and read them at the conclusion of your shift at McDonalds.


In Nov '68 I stepped off a plane in Dallas, looked my dad in the eye and said DAD you were RIGHT! Right about what son?

I NEED an education, laying in a rice paddy is not a career move.

Dad said, Good idea son, you should do that. Later he said, IF you go to school and make good grades, then you can live at home, but college is on your dime, if you don’t want to do that or you drop out then find a place to live.

I lived at home! Started a business to pay my way thru school and it did and did well and I often thought, why not just do this, making GREAT money, but Vietnam taught me a hard fought lesson, so I stayed with it and 3 degrees later…


This is probably the greatest test of American institutions in its history. The far-right and the far-left have both collapsed into unapologetic authoritarianism. The moderate center is the only place where one finds any serious commitment to traditional liberal freedoms. Now more than ever, Americans are fine with stomping all over liberty, as long as it’s “their guy” (or gal) doing it. Philosophically, the constitution and U.S. institutions were designed to withstand times like this. Should be interesting to see what happens, but my bet is the constitution can survive Trump and his movement which, in my opinion, is the most authoritarian in American history (even more than the Marcusean left).


The Carrier deal was anti-capitalist. Protectionism is anti-capitalist. Eminent domain is anti-capitalist. A growing federal budget is anti-capitalist. Sure, Trump’s said and even done capitalist things, but so did Clinton and Clinton. Building and running a business does not make you a capitalist. Of course, I don’t really differentiate substantively between the term “capitalism” and “free markets.” Maybe you do.

And that partner of yours was a scum sucker.

A moderate mixture of different authoritarian packages is still authoritarian garbage. And every side and middle part of the political equation these days is economically authoritarian.


Few people have ever wanted free markets, least of all capitalists, who have traditionally fought tooth and claw for every bailout and tax-payer subsidy they can get their hands on.

To the point of the original post, the current crop of leftists coming out of the academy is pretty scary. They tend to reject liberalism (liberal freedoms are “oppressive” to minorities).

Nor are these kids anything like the relatively feckless left-wing slacker kids produced by Generation X. These young leftists are aggressive, smart, driven, and utterly political in everything they do and think. They’re going to be extremely formidable.

There are some bright conservative kids also, but mostly just the libertarians. The pro-Trump kids seem to me like lazy, nihilistic troll types who are too busy “owning” people at video games to ever seriously compete with this new generation of leftists (who are hyper-achievers).


CORRECT, Protectionism, Eminent domain, growing federal budget and federal subsidies are ALL not just anti capitalist, but anti American. That said Eminent domain when it was of value to all people was good, today its been corrupted by allowing some investor to buy land at theft prices and sell it for a profit to another investor group who sells it for a profit and repeat repeat…WRONG! But this is the GOVT at work and when the govt no longer supports capitalism then we fall into the abyss of socialism…which is where we are going at a very fast pace…

As for the Carrier deal: Trump you might want to read this.

I AM a capitalist and i fully support free markets, I do not support protectionism tariffs on goods brought into our country (with some exceptions). Autos is a good example, you charge a tariff to export our Chevy and we charge to import your Ugo. It can not be a one way street, which it has been for many, many years, that is ANTI CAPITALISM and AMERICANISM! We are going to cut new deals where we are not the loser…

Free Markets. YES, lets do battle on goods and services, may the better quality and or cheaper price win.

So what role does GOVT have in a free market? A BIG ONE and without it Capitalism comes to a HALT: GOVT must insure that free on open competition exists and that NO COMPANY ever become TO BIG TO FAIL! This is where the GOVT FAILED. It allowed to many companies to get to big to fail and their failure would have been catastrophic, thus the $1Trillion bail out under Bush. BUT she we have bailed them out? No and NO!!! Here is why: Capitalism is a self righting ship. Had we not bailed out GM do we really think the demand for cars would have stopped? NO!

Out of GM’s ashes here is how I think it would have gone: Chevy/Truck/Corvette would have been the new company. The rest would have gone away…but the demand still exists and Chrysler and Ford and others would have increased sales as a result.

The financial industry, No and NO! There is still a demand for money, home, auto loans etc, if XYZ failed, the expect ABC to takes its place faster than XYZ failed.

The role of the GOVT which it did so well for so many years, failed us. What president was called “The Trust Buster”? Remember when AT&T was broken up into smaller companies and look what happened…better, cheaper and now we can call long distance and its the same as calling across the street, remember “party lines”, I DO, there were 9 families on our party line.

Capitalism is the ONLY organic economic system to all people, every other economic system is the fabrication of people whose intent is power and control, nothing else and this is why no other system works.


J., I think you mean politically connected businessmen who pay lip service to capitalism while rent seeking. There is a distinction, hence the term “crony capitalist.”

Oaks, I appreciate your commitment to free markets. About the only use for government in a “free” market is to eliminate the use of force – theft, murder and coercion – in trade. Instead our government uses its monopoly on legal force to give advantages to certain businesses. Those are the ones that get too big to fail. I think that in most cases, a government policy stands behind a business that is too big to fail or holds a monopoly – through price distortion, perverse incentive and direct preferential treatment. I don’t believe monopolies are a natural result of free market capitalism. I also don’t think retaliatory tariffs are necessary – and are in fact harmful.

Other than that, government must get out of the way to allow competition to prevent companies from becoming “too big to fail.”

I think some industries are naturally monopolistic because of their nature. Imagine multiple water and sewer utilities in dense cities, for example. Ma Bell was another. An artificial breakup of Ma Bell appeared to help as a result. Modern technology has certainly helped solve that particular problem.



Corp gets too big because the govt allows it, just like AT&T crushed any and all competition so will those who get to big do so by buying out others.

There was a Billion dollar company years ago called Lands End. I spent $0000 with them, they sold high quality shirts etc mostly for men and it was all mail order. Sears bought them out and mostly buried them, this goes on all the time, buy out your competition then bury them.

This always begs the question as to what share of the market is too much? Well clearly 51% is, but what about say 25%? Hard to say, but if that 25% market share makes you the big dog on the block, then its too big IMO!!!

Monopolies: Often thought of as good such as utilities…or are they? Lets see and lets zero in on Electric. Now for years it seemed like a good deal and in fact still does or so most think. Looking just over the horizon is something that will RADICALLY change that thinking and the culprit will be the all ELECTRIC car which is being shoved down our throats by our GOVT as it gives massive subsidy’s to the manuf and everyone else.

Why is that so bad: Well jump in your fas vehicle and drive down the street, count the gas stations by only their different names and the word competition comes to mind. Now tell you electric company their rates are too high and you are changing to another company…ROLFLMAO, their AIN’T no other company, we have a monopoly…

Well most don’t but I happen to be with a company that albeit is a monopoly runs it a bit different. They buy excess electricity from other companies and they sell it to us as a "Co-Op and my rates for 2500 sq ft home, S Tx run about $110 per mo, not bad for the heat we have.

Then there are the smart meters, ever wonder why? Well those “Smart” appliances can talk to your smart meter. You like the house cool in the summer, so your AC is set at 70 F…Sorry Charlie, Feds say that 76 is the lowest setting so we are turning off your AC for the next week, see how you like that. And YES they have the ability to do that as some 'crat’s office in Wash DC…


Absolute nonsense! The Trump administration is NOT trying to exercise authority over the day-to-day lives of American citizens. You have it confused with everything the Democrats have done since the 1930’s. It wasn’t Trump who tried to dictate how much water you may use to flush your toilets. It also wasn’t Trump who dictated HOW you may light your homes. It wasn’t Trump who demanded that car manufacturers turn our cars into death-traps in order to save a few gallons of gasoline. Trump merely wants us to return the country to what the founders envisioned for us…a country where everyone is free to make their own fortunes–or to fail on their own.


Unless you happen to be Muslim or Mexican, apparently.

At any rate, Trump’s authoritarian instincts run deep, and rise to the level of some of the worst cretins in history. His behavior during this Russian investigation has been appalling, and, together with his utter contempt for a free and independent press, despicable. There’s very little evidence that he has even the slightest respect for rule of law. In his heart, he’s a would-be autocrat. He’s by far the most morally repulsive person to ever hold the office of POTUS.

That last “press conference” by Spicer was a disgrace to the nation.


It’s interesting, I recently read *Dreams from My Father * for the first time. Although I disagree with a great deal of his politics, what impressed me, especially in comparison to the current POTUS, is the fairly deep humanity and dignity of Obama. He never hypes himself up, or congratulates himself, despite having overcome some incredible obstacles to becoming the most powerful human being on the planet. His humility and willingness to engage in introspection and self-criticism is pretty rare for a person of his accomplishments.

It’s truly shocking that we went from a legitimately decent person in Obama to a world historical braggart clown in Trump.