Students Will Be Armed With Rocks In Case Of School Shooting,


I really thought that this was satire when Larry Elder played it on his radio program.
It’s Not!


Rocks are a great strategy!!

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I remember hearing about this; a stupid feel-good measure. 90+ percent of the students would be too paralyzed to pick up a rock, and the ones who do suddenly become the preferred target of the shooter. So would an armed teacher, but there’s more of a realistic chance that the armed intruder would get the worst of that encounter.


Maybe we could put about 15 fire extinguishers in each class and we could try to freeze um to death!


Like the rocks, it sounds good and could work if everything goes right. But getting a bunch of students into position with fire extinguishers which have MUCH less effective range than any gun is problematic at best.


I was being sarcastic :rofl:…I actually taught self-defense and non-lethal weapons training (including to a few police departments) and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Defense against a lethal, armed and determined attacker should only be attempted by someone who is trained. Not because you need trianing to throw a rock, you need the training to think. Most people, including people in the video in the OP don’t have a clue about how the brain reacts under severe stress. How you can literally forget almost everything you think you know.

It would be comical if they left a pile of rocks in that chamber and someone pretended to run into the room shooting blanks at people and we’d all see how fast the adults would hurt themselves trying to escape, and I’m pretty sure, not one of them would go for a bucket of rocks.

Somewhere on the interwebz there is a video (made long before all the hoopla about giving teachers guns) where people are in work and college classroom settings believe they have access to a real weapon. Then a person is set in simulating a real attacker. I don’t remember every simulation, but the reactions were comical. I do remember one kid was determined to use his weapon and somehow managed to get it stuck to his shorts. IIRC he fell over trying to get it out.

Under severer stress untrained people are almost as much danger to themselves and others as a determined attacker.


Who here–or ANYWHERE in the pro-gun community–is suggesting that we arm ANYONE without training to prevent school shootings?


I know we rarely agree on anything so when I speak you assume that what I say must be critical of you or others that generally share your opinions. In this case, I was just agreeing with the sentiments given here.

I thought it was obvious that I was being critical of the people in the video and their lame ass idea of putting smooth rocks in a classroom with the expectation that it could help prevent kids from being killed in school shootings.