Study: 3 federal laws could reduce gun deaths by more than 90%


My gosh, talk about junk science!!! This is the kind of study that caused the Congress to ban CDC from sponsoring firearm studies back late last century.

** Study: 3 federal laws could reduce gun deaths by more than 90%**
By Carina Storrs, Special to CNN
Updated 10:02 PM ET, Thu March 10, 2016

A teaser or two for you from the article -

Passing federal laws that require universal background checks for firearm purchases, background checks on ammunition purchases and firearm identification could reduce the rate of U.S. gun deaths by more than 90%, according to a new study.
Researchers arrived at the projection by looking at the number of gun-related deaths in every state in 2010 and the types of laws that existed in those states in 2009, including restrictive laws, such as background checks and child access prevention laws, and permissive laws, such as stand-your-ground laws.
They took into account differences in rates of gun ownership, unemployment and homicides that did not involve guns deaths.
Researchers projected that federal laws expanding background checks for firearms purchases would reduce the U.S. gun death rate by 57%, while background checks for ammunition purchases would cut gun death rates by 81% and firearm identification would reduce the rate by 83%. The researchers said it would take many years to lower the rates so far.

What a pile of barn yard debris. Fact is the barn yard must have been spotless after this study was completed. Projecting these kinds of results from a one year study period is double dumb.

A recent study found that while rates of gun-related homicide have been dropping, cases of gun-related suicide have been on the rise and now outnumber homicide two to one.

I could spend a couple of days shredding this kind of study but I will present just one simple example. Statistically suicides make up around 60% of the firearm related deaths annually and over a lot of years study period. Now if suicides make up 60% of the fatalities can someone show that ammo background checks will have any impact at all let alone reduce the death rate by 81%. Sorry folks but that does not compute, even on my old fashioned slide rule, since I do not believe that a person intending self destruction is going to be concerned about a background check.

As for firearm identification. What do they mean? The micro stamping that so far has not been demonstrated to reliably work or the ballistic fingerprint system that Maryland spent millions of taxpayer money on and last year got into an internal problem of wanting to eliminate because not one criminal case had been solved with this expenditure.

Nuff said. Your turn!


After posting the opening of this thread I came across the following commenting upon the same study. More shredding.

Guns in America: You know the case for background checks is weak if…
By John R. Lott

March 11,2016


Here’s the actual study. It doesn’t sound like a well-designed study at all. They simply can’t account for all the factors that may influence homicide rate. Dr. David Hemenway, a professor of Health policy at Harvard, has some more comments in the Washington Post. Dr. Hemenway is a renowned anti-gun researcher, and so if he is criticizing your anti-gun study, you’re probably wrong.

90% is also just completely staggering. There’s just no way that’s the case.


If someone is intent on committing suicide, they will find a way; guns aren’t the only way to go.