Study: COVID-19 Impacts Men, Women More Than All Other Genders Combined

Have to admit… This comes as a shock to me … Snicker …


LOL. You know, of course, that Babylon Bee is a satire website? Still, this is hilarious and will probably make some in the LGBTQRST…community’s heads explode.

Of course, it is one of my “must go to” sites!

It fries my backside whenever I hear this nonsense about “other genders”. There aren’t other genders. One is either a male or a female. No matter how many hormones one takes or having their genitals mutilated, one is still the gender he/she was born. That NEVER changes. These sad freakazoids are fooling themselves.

Unless god made them both.


Mostly BS. Because you have a penis AND breasts doesn’t make you hemaphroditic. If you have an enlarged clitoris–say the size of a small penis, that doesn’t make you hemaphroditic either. NOBODY has both testes AND ovaries, which is the ACTUAL proof that hemaphrodite HUMANS actually exist in nature.

Yes there is. They’re about 5% of the population among people with the disorder, but they do exist.

I don’t that the “other gender” concept is referring to hermaphroditism. It’s this nonsense where some of the leftists are claiming that there are, pick a number, 100 genders, mostly based upon mental disorders and sexual perversions.

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Nonsense. That would be an even bigger percentage of the population than gays! That’s BS of the first water, AS.

As always, a hermaphrodite is a mutation of the gene pool. Almost all mutations are deadly to the organism. I don’t know much about hermaphrodites but I know that one of the sexes is dominant over the other.

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No, it isn’t.

5% of people with the disorder. You misread what I said.

And regardless of their count, you said they didn’t exist, you were wrong.
You should have looked it up before commenting.

Most mutations are benign. Chromosome mutations are problematic, because they effect wide swaths of genes at a time.

But that doesn’t mean they’re deadly, that comes down to what information was effected.

There’s a Chinese man out there who was born only with 22 chromosome pairs; not only is he not showing any defects from this, he was able to produce children. Looking into his genes told researchers that he isn’t even the first in his family to have this; it’s likely one or both of his parents were the same.

There are those where there is no clear dominance. There’s no fast and hard rules here.

BS, AS. There ARE no people born with BOTH sets of functional gonads. Period.

There are people born with both sets, this has been studied.

" True hermaphroditism is defined by the presence of both ovarian and testicular tissues, either separately or, more commonly, together as ovotestis. True hermaphroditism is very rare except in Southern Africa, where it is the most common intersex condition. "

You didn’t look this up. Knock off the laziness Dave; look things up before you comment.

He clearly said “functional”, you clearly could not refute that so you clearly moved the goalposts which clearly means that you commented with the knowledge that you were wrong.

Wrong RET, he moved the goalposts. Read back.

His first comment simply denied people with both gonads existed; no mention of functionality was made by him.

And in his first response to me, he didn’t offer that as a clarification either.

It’s clear he didn’t know this existed, and functionality is simply a tacked on excuse for his error.

Nope. No getting away with it. Sorry.

Do the research first, there’s no excuse.

Your “research” consists of taking a position and then searching the internet for an article that confirms it, AS. That’s NOT “research.” It’s SEARCHING for ANYTHING that confirms your pre-determined point.

I looked it up before I said anything. Like you should have done.

It would have taken 5 seconds for you to look into “does true Hermaphroditism exist?”

There’s no excuse Dave why you didn’t do that. You shouldn’t need me to ask the question. You should have asked it yourself.

I didn’t say you looked before SAYING anything. I said you decided on an opinion and then looked up something that confirmed it so you COULD “say something” about it, appealing to what you consider to be “authority.”