Stumbling Along Racking Up Debt - As I See It


I’ll be VERY brief. In my opinion it is nearly impossible to be overly pessimistic regarding our economy - long or short term. I no longer think it possible to bring spending under control or to institute a reworked tax policy that inspires sustained private sector economic/job growth as long as compromise with Democrats/Progressives is required. Even if, by some work of magic, Republicans were to gain full control of Congress as well as the White House, their past level of legislative timidity and lack of commitment to conservative economic principles would not bode well for producing legislation leading to the kind of structural (ie: flat tax?) changes necessary. Don’t misunderstand - I will continue to vote for the most fiscally conservative candidate available, but . . .

I would love to be more optimistic. I am hoping someone will point out where I’m going wrong.


You aren’t alone in thinking this.

I’m pretty much right there also.


One of those times where being right is not much comfort eh Mike? :frowning:


You are correct, my friend. We have a rather timid/off-message Right, a bold/anti-capitalism Left and an electorate largely consisting of the gullible. A witches brew to be sure. As a result, our future is up for grabs - and the other team, while largely made up of the intellectualy defective and the factually challenged, appears to have a decided height advantage courtesy of systemic educational advocacy/victimization/poverty pimp politics and media complicity!! I’m not certain it is fixable. It most certainly isn’t fixable with our current cast of characters. My wife and I have pretty much lived our lives - and we have worked very hard and been very fortunate to come along when we did. However, we’re saddened by the burden being placed on our son and his wife by this nation’s leadership. As for our granddaughters - we weep for them.