Stunning! Ilhan Omar Thanks FOX News for “Strongly Condemning” Judge Jeanine on Sharia Law


Cair is now calling for the Judge to be fired!


I will need to make that sure this true, but if Fox News bows to this domestic terrorist, it will be a dark day for conservatism. We can’t abandon Fox News because they are the last network left tjat presents all sides.

Fox News is wrong to bow to this fascist Islamic pig, Omar, if that is what they are doing. She is an anti-Semitic bigot who needs to be isolated and contained.


Roger Ailes is gone and FOX is being run by Rupert Murdoch’s kids. They are LIBERALS. The only reason Hannity, Tucker, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobs, Trish Regan, E-Mac and others are still there is: RATINGS = PROFIT.


I’m so glad I’m old and will die soon.


We have a two-pronged exit plan in place - we are fortunate, many are not.

First, for several years we have been consolidating our resources.

Second, we own 2 acres of coastal property in Costa Rica.

I don’t envision the country collapsing overnight, but I see it heading downward at an increasing rate of speed.

As I have stated for several years on this site, our electorate cannot be counted on to make sound political/fiscal decisions at the ballot box.

The Left has been and is in near complete control of this nation’s information systems - education and media. The Left has been in control for a long time and, given the current discourse, it appears the effects of this decades long propaganda/indoctrination is coming into focus. Couple that with the flood of illegals (AKA: prospective Democrat voters) and we have, in all likelihood, already crossed the Rubicon - with no end in sight and a very weak Republican Party.

Trump needs help - he needs a strong, conservative congress. I could be wrong, but I see no way in hell he ever gets the level of congressional help required to change the nation’s course. Electing candidates with an ® next to their name ensures nothing - note Collins, Romney, Murkowski and several others.

It’s a damn shame - the nation is in good shape fiscally and getting stronger, job growth through the roof, wages rising (especially for those lower income groups/minorities) and the Left has the nation in constant turmoil - pitting groups against one another with divisive identity politics and using labels against those who disagree with them in an effort to stifle meaningful debate.


It’s worse than that. The left has sent the message. If you have money and support a conservative Republican candidate that we don’t like, we will look into every aspect of your life. Even if we don’t think you are guilty of anything, we will hound you with lawsuits until your resources are gone.

Just look at the lasted sweep for documents from 78 people. Honest judges would call that “a fishing expedition” and would have stopped it. That’s not what happens today in “Democrat Amerika."

These people are legal brown shirts just like the Nazis who beat up people in pre-war Germany. They are bullies and thugs, and the news media and many Democrat judges support their efforts completely.

This country is headed toward dictatorship because the Justice Department and the FBI are politically weaponized. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats can do whatever they want. Republicans will be harassed and hunted down.

Decades ago raids like the one the FBI pulled on Roger Stone would have been condemned when he was indicted. Their actions were totally over the top and excessive with a pre-dawn raid with automatic weapons drawn. If a Republican had ordered that raid, it would have been condemned. For a Socialist Democrat, it’s business as usual.


I’m glad that I might be too old to see this country become a communist dictatorship. That’s what the Socialist Democrats want, and we don’t have the money and the organization to stop it.


Yeah, they descend on Manafort and Stone with SWAT teams like jack booted Gestapo thugs and seize everything in sight. This same FBI negotiates with Hillary on what Foundation emails they can look at.

Until and unless I see some HIGH LEVEL DOJ, FBI, IRS, NSA, CIA officials perp-walked I view our government as the enemy.


It is.