Stymie Crime Time!

As many of you are aware I am a constant monitor of police news. Our local police are required to call in to the dispatcher all suspects ID numbers for computer check for criminal records. Very frequently,these persons are identified as Registered Felons with outstanding warrants. So far so good…
The problem is now law enforcement officers are handicapped by red tape. A large portion of the warrants are certified as NON-EXTRADITE ABLE. So cops are basically forced to release known felons unless:1) they are arrested for a new crime 2) there’s an extradition order in place
To further complicate matters, most extraditions are geographic. I am familiar with several types of which the most common are intrastate extradition only or on a mileage basis,i.e X is the focus of a warrant for a felony charge. X is detained at a traffic stop and is found to be a wanted fugitive. THE EXTRADITION ORDER MAY HAVE A STIPULATION THAT X IS EXTRADITE ABLE WITHIN,SAY,50 MILES!! He is stopped 60 miles from the magistrate that issued the warrant!So sorry I bothered you,sir. Enjoy your weekend.
The answer of course is:
If convicted for the crime,. you do the time
We don’t want X here,so either take him back or stop issuing felony warrants!
And,oh,yeah…build more jails and prisons

I want to hate this statement, but

This combined with fact that much of the Democrat Party have become Friends of the Criminals makes law enforcement far more difficult and the world far less safe for honest citizens.

Committing crimes IS NOT a civil right, but according to George Soros and many Democrats, it is.

How does it sit with you that the U.S. imprisons more of its population per capita than any other country? Like, 2nd closest is Rwanda, and they’re not even that close to us. Clearly mass incarceration isn’t making crime go away or we’d be the safest place in earth.

How does it sit with you, @Gene, when young children get killed in the street or even sleeping in their bedrooms by random gun violence?

Yea, I know. Your solution is to ban all the guns, but your side doesn’t want to arrest the people who pull the trigger. Why? Because of BS statistics like the one you cited, and because your side has come to view crime in terms of “equity.”

Really @Gene? Do people have a right to commit violent acts because of past injustices? Do the victims of their violent acts have any rights? How is it “equitable” to punish people who had nothing to do with the past injustices? Is it fair to turn minority neighborhoods into shooing galleries in the name of “equity?”

The “progressives” need to get their heads out of their posteriors. Criminals and drug dealers who peddle poison to their neighborhoods are not “social justice warriors.” They are scum bags who are looking for the easy way to earn a living through violence and intimidation. These people steal from their own neighborhoods, but your movement can’t see it. To you, crime is something “glamorous” until you are a victim.

In the meantime, the elites in your party live in gated communities with armed guards to protect them. Perhaps if we disarmed those guards, they won’t be so hot about confiscating the weapons.

This one has nothing to do with equity, we’re all in this together living in a police state. There’s nothing BS about it, we have the most prisoners per capita, that’s a fact. We imprison our people at rates higher than just about any regime in history.

Why is American so obsessed with incarcerating its citizens?

Putting them in prison doesn’t make things any better either evidently. All I hear from the right is that going after guns doesn’t solve the root issue. Well guess what, neither does putting people in prison.

Yea, @Gene, we don’t do anything with people who commit gun crimes. We let them run around free and encourage them to commit more. That’s why we have more the robberies and the smash and grab crimes.

That’s really worked out well. Even woke corporations like Starbucks are closing stores because of crime in some neighborhoods.

In the meantime, you can sit in your college educated ivory town and come up with more pie in the sky solutions.

The ultra woke voters in San Francisco found out your solution doesn’t work. LA is not going to be far behind.

But perhaps you will be the one who can sit down and reason with violent criminals.

How does that fit in with our incarceration rate though? Why won’t you address the incredibly high incarceration rate?

“Why won’t you address the high incarceration rate?” @Gene

Because more of them should be in jail. There is a no bail law in New York State to make up for the number Blacks who have been jailed in the past according to its proponents. Now the criminals know that, even if they are arrested, nothing will happen to them. So they keep committing crimes.

There is a woman in New York City who proudly tells the news media that she’s a “professional shoplifter.” She’s been arrested over 100 times with no jail time. There’s guy who has beat her record with almost 130 arrests. He’s still at it.

Criminals now walk up to store windows with a sledge hammer in broad daylight and smash windows. There seem to be no repercussions.

Your little professors have put this crap in your head. You are sitting in South Korea with no knowledge of the rising crime rates here. The crime rate is one more nail in the Democrats’ political coffin.

Even the Blacks are getting sick of this, and the Democrats’ approval rating is going down even among them. Yet, you are on the criminals’ side.

Robert Blake as “Tony Barretta” had a good saying for criminal types:“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”
Deterrence is 99% of law enforcement

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How can you argue there’s no repercussions when we incarcerate the most people in the world, by far? Obviously our prison system is broken and ineffective.

You’re referring to the lack of cash bail for misdemeanor and non-violent felony. That makes sense, they haven’t proved a significant danger to themselves or others.

Which crime rates specifically? Murder? Robbery? Violent? Non-violent? There’s arguments to be made for all, I just want to really nail down what you’re talking about without relying on things being self-evident.

Okay, @Gene, we can put you down as a pro-crime Democrat. The debate is over until you get mugged in the U.S. if you ever return here.

I have already had that experience when I was a graduate student at Rutgers Newark in New Jersey. It did not change me from liberal to conservative. Job hiring and promotions quotas did that, but it did give me an experience with the people you think are “cool,” - criminals. You think criminals are America’s “salt of the earth.” If you believe that, you are … badly informed. Any other characterization would be called “adhaddem” and get me banned.

I can’t spell the therm “adhaddem” because I think it sucks. It’s like a Jewish person complaining about Hitler. You can’t complain about a person who is out get you. The criminals are out to screw every honest person in this country, Black, White, Yellow and every color in between.

No it’s not. It’s working fine.

Prisons are run by private companies, because if a government is actually responsible for anything it’s socialism. So nobody gives a flying f**k about rehabilitation, private companies are answerable to their share holders so every effort is made to ensure once people are inside they will re-offend. Companies get return customers, governments dodge the evil “socialist” stigma and taxpayers are none the wiser they are paying more for a system than if the government handled it in the first place.

The US prison system is working just fine. You are simply mistaken on what its goals are.

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Haha yes, I am very much with you. On top of the profitability of incarcerating people, there’s the fact prison labor (slavery) is a multi billion dollar industry.

Sometimes I try to approach things incrementally to lead people to a point, but that didn’t appear to be working anyway.

Most are not, but as I’ve said before, contracts do allow you to structure incentives.

Structure them correctly, you can create positive trends, like when PA threw out all of their existing contracts, and instead linked milestones in new ones going to private prisons to reducing the recidivism of their inmates.

This showed results:

Equally, public parties are not without malincentives. Jailer Unions do in fact push for harsher sentencing laws, as that’s directly correlative to how much work & compensation their members get.

Your thoughts?

Is the American Criminal Liberty Union still in business? How amusing.

I submit that it can be answered with: Why are Americans the most undisciplined citizens in the civilized world?

“Amusing” wouldn’t be my first choice.

What we see here from the two “progressives” who commented about this topic is the same mentality shown by George Soros backed DAs. The criminal is always right and should not be punished because he or she is a “victim of the corrupt capitalist system.” Their criminal behavior is not really their fault. It’s the system that is to blame. The victims are wrong for wanting justice. “Justice” is doing away with all property rights.

In the mean time, the crooks are laughing all the way to their next crime scene and viewing the George Soros DAs as fools but also allies.

The “progressive” ideology does allow leftists to express opinions that counter those views.

My problem with this is that I’m having trouble finding the results in raw data. Some questions that immediately come to mind include:

Has this been updated since 2015?

Was recidivism on a downward trend in PA before this point? (it appears to have been doing just that based on what I could find)

The article specifies the new contracts made this goal, but not that other prisons without the incentives did not have similar or even better recidivism rates in the same period. Did these rates differ significantly from typical prisons?

The state corrections website has some of this data, but it’s not well sorted and mostly in the form of lengthy reports.

I’m pretty sure the USA is one of the safest places on earth where the government doesn’t outright genocide and torture people into compliance