Stymie Crime Time!



George Soros is a dangerous monster who might well be mentally ill.

You write your crap about Donald Trump, @Patooka. I have right to call out George Soros for what he is. People have died because of Soros because his DAs are turning dangerous criminals lose.

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(Points to backside)


The George Soros local DA program has exposed him to be what he is. A cruel, heartless social experimenter who does not care about how many people he hurts or kills with his policies. You ultra leftists are welcome to him. I wish we didn’t have to deal with him.

points to the butt

I live in the ghetto in a large city. I can walk anywhere and I feel safe. If I was a liberal I’d probably be too afraid to walk outside, but I don’t live my life in fear.

You’re welcome to feel that way, but you know what they say about facts and feelings.

Credit where it’s due…good answer.

I don’t remember saying I felt a certain way about this. Are you telling me I’m going to be a victim of gun violence because of where I live?

Since you’re in America, statistically yes. I just wouldn’t describe it as one of the “safest places on Earth”. Maybe if you compare it to underdeveloped countries sure, but compared with other modernized and wealthy countries the US is super dangerous.

Again, I’ll mention that word: Purge.

Further, the mass shootings get a lot of press coverage and political hyperbole, but they make up a pittance of the annual murder rate.

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Would you agree that releasing repeat offenders time after time does not make us safe and secure, @Gene? And don’t tell me that the no bail laws are only freeing those who commit misdemeanors. Those laws are turning violent felons lose and sending a message that they can continue to commit more crimes with no consequences. **I live in America, @Gene, ** and I follow the news. New York State has big problems with its no bail law.

George Soros sponsored DAs won’t prosecute felons. The situation is so bad that the DA in ultra liberal San Francisco was recalled by the voters and lost badly in the recall election. These are voters who share your political philosophy, @Gene.

The illegals are also a problem. Not vetting who is crossing the border allows convicted felons, violent gang members and known terrorists to come here. And these are the offenders the border patrol has caught. We don’t know about the people who cross that we don’t catch.

You talk about how violent and bad America is. How about looking at you own positions in that context? Is party unity and ideology that important to you?

I was actually referring to general murder/crime rates in that. The U.S. is quite the outlier in those areas generally for wealthy nations.

See, I do disagree with you here. So, I’m putting the burden of proof on you, prove there are people released regularly without bail for violent felonies. Come back with some links and evidence.

Perhaps you could share some of these news stories. That would be a good starting point.

I hope you’re comfortable, dude. The next time Sendgop provides evidence for his hyperbolic crap will be the first.

I don’t have a link of precise evidence myself, but for “hyperbolic crap,” a lot of New York (state) DAs and cops are complaining about that very thing; arrestees are released without bail, and go on to commit additional crimes before they’re tried for the ones they’re arrested for. That no-bail crap was passed when Andrew Cuomo was governor. Kathy Hochul talked about walking it back, but hasn’t done it.

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They won’t listen to this man. Lefties are all cuomo-sexuals I believe that’s the term they use.

So this automatically makes the USA safer than 3/4 of the world.
"More than three-fourths of the world’s population live in so-called developing countries"

"This means that the United States has more crime because it has a much larger population compared to other countries in the top ten"

If you do come to the USA; stay out of big cities except for San Francisco. But I think you’d probably get rolled there too.

Here is Fox News link that covers the abuses of the New York State bail law over the past two years. I know that this will not satisfy the far left pair who are demanding links, but it’s evidence to reasonable people that the system is badly flawed.

New York State Bail Law Problems.

The most recent incident was at a political rally for Lee Zeldin who is a Republican New York State gubernatorial candidate, which was held yesterday. A man climbed up on stage and attacked him with a “brass knuckles” style device that had two sharp points on it that could easily cut skin. The man was aiming for Zeldin’s throat. Fortunately this was at a rally held for veterans, and trained people were able to restrain him until the police arrived.

The man was arrested, but released almost immediately under his own recognizance with no bail set. The New York Governor posted a Tweet that said he was in custody, but that is not the case.

So a person can now attack a politician with a dangerous weapon, which is a felony, and not be held. Are you two far leftists cool with that? What if a Democrat candidate had been attacked? Would it have been okay if they had let THAT attacker go?

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