Suddenly Disconnected From The Internet


Your PC is suddenly disconnected from the Internet, for example you are watching a YouTube video, or you are in the middle of writing a post, and suddenly you become disconnected from the Internet, and your YouTube video stops playing, and you cannot successfuly submit the post you were composing.

Of course, almost always this can be fixed by simply unplugging your “little box” from the Internet for about 15 seconds and/or shutting down your computer and then restarting it.

But doing all that 5 or 6 times per week is inconvenient.


(1) What causes one’s computer to suddenly become disconnected from the Internet?

(2) Do any of you here at RO have this same problem? If so, how often?

(3) What can be done to stop this from happening?

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I lose connection a fair amount. I right click on the computer looking Network icon on the bottom of my screen and hit “Troubleshoot Problem”. After the scan it always reconnects. I’m assuming I have a driver or modem issue myself but I haven’t located it yet.


I’m having the same problem, and I’ve had it for awhile…still can’t figure out how to fix it :frowning:
Are you also using Wondows 7?


I am, yes.


How old is the router? Modem?
Could be one of these is on its way out.


Well I Googled it and apparently it’s something of a widespread problem with Windows 7…I’m using the school’s wifi, I don’t think it’s the modem.


Several problems:

  1. Your modem is failing.
  2. Your ISP is experiencing problems.
  3. Your networking card’s drivers are out of date. Instead of unplugging the box, try going to device manager and disabling your networking card and then enabling it again, and see if that does anything. Then try updating your drivers.
  4. Your networking card is failing.
  5. Try plugging into an ethernet port rather than using wifi. Sometimes your modem’s position can be getting interference while crossing the house. If you raise it up higher, or move your computer closer, does the problem disappear?
  6. Your phone line is causing interference. Does your ISP require filters on the phone lines?


Hey Perkins-Man, what do you mean the “computer looking Network icon”? I do not have one at the bottom of my screen.

(Say listen! What about Equality? Its NOT fair that you have a “computer looking Network icon” on your PC and I do not have one on my machine. Its unjust!!
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Seriously tell me how I can get one of them “computer looking Network icons” so I will not have to keep turning my PC off and restarting it. And also so I will not have to report you to the L.I.E.P (Liberal International Equality Police) … LOL …

I am using Windows 7


I assume router and modem is the same unit? My modem is brand new, less than one month old. I had the same problem with my old modem also.

Btw, I googled this problem and pulled up some real difficult heavy high tech computer explanations that lost me right quick. I mean I am not a computer whiz.

One article said dust accumulating inside your computer and causing stuff to “heat up” could cause it. (?)

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I right click on this puppy then troubleshoot


Fairly new modem. I doubt my ISP is having trouble this consistently for this long. I have cable internet with good cables inside and out. But I will give a look at the other things you mentioned. Thanks!


Ah, okeee, heh heh, now I see. I got one of them thar puppies too. Many thanks. I feel so “much more equal now” … lol …


Perkins-Man, prithee explain to me how you went about putting that pic of a section of your computer up here in this thread? Seriously, how did you do that?

I really want to know!


For the sake of equality I grant thee this link Free Screen Capture - ScreenHunter Free

Take a shot, save it to my desk top then download it to photobucket. From there onto the post. It works better for me then a direct paste from my comp.
Edit: The arrow was stuck on there with Paint. Open the screen shot with Paint, do your edits there then save where ever you want.


[quote=“tperkins, post:12, topic:39540”]
For the sake of equality I grant thee this link Free Screen Capture - ScreenHunter Free

Take a shot, save it to my desk top then download it to photobucket. From there onto the post. It works better for me then a direct paste from my comp.
Edit: The arrow was stuck on there with Paint. Open the screen shot with Paint, do your edits there then save where ever you want.
[/quote]You should already have that function on your computer.

The snipping tool or for older windows print screen


Could never get the Print Screen to work. I checked the net and found many have trouble with Windows 7 and the Print screen feature. Honestly, I miss XP.


Routers and Modems both freeze when they get a little old, I lose more Routers than modems but I bet I make my ISP replace a modem every few years or so. A better than average one might last longer and a bad one might give up sooner but ISP’s don’t buy top of line Modems for their customers.

The early warning is repeated freezing, requiring a reboot of the Modem or Router to get data moving again. This is different than a disconnect situation, if the computer shows that it is connected but the web won’t function then the modem or router has frozen but if the computer reports a lost connection the problem can be caused by a longer list of potential conditions.

My son called me at work last week to report that the “web was down” and I had him reboot everything to get it back up, this had occurred just a couple weeks ago to me so I know I am about to lose one or the other myself.

I keep a good working, cheapo d-link router around so when this starts happening I can put it in place of my regular router for a few days to see if the problem persists, if it does I call the ISP and get a new modem on the way but if the problem disappears with the cheapo d-link in place I know the problem was my router so I start Router shopping.


RET and company,

I don’t have a router, if a router is pic’d below(?) … google said a router was this:

All I have is a modem

I have a moniter, a “tower”, and a modem that sits atop my “tower”, and thats all I have.

I suddenly lose Internet connection several times a week.

My Youtube music videos (playing all day in the background) will suddenly stop, and I immediately know that “George W. Bush has struck again” …lol… and that
he has sent Dick C. out to mess up my music videos.

Maybe my computer is getting to hot because I keep it running all day long, seeing as how I strongly desire to stay plugged into the exciting world of the 21st century.

Anyway when “Bush strikes” I merely unplug my modem from the Internet, shut down my computer and then restart it, and then all is well, I am back hooked into the 21st century.

Its just inconvenient, thats all.



Thanks Perkins Man,

Equality is on the move! Uncle Joe would be proud! …lol…



Hey, that’s what happens to ours once in a while. It will run in streaks, and probably disappears for a while when the ISP replaces some modems. But we’ve also had a lot of problems with the telephone line we use for the computers.


I finally managed to find something to stop my disconnect problem, try this–> Windows 7 Fix Default Gateway Issue

It’s worked for the last day anyways…I’m probably tempting fate by posting.


That pic looks like a typical modem Jack, if your icon shows an active network connection but the web will not function without powering the modem off then on again you are due to swap out the modem. It will limp along for quite awhile if you don’t mind the inconvenience of power cycling it at inopportune times but your ISP will probably send you a new one at no charge.

The trick Robert linked is a standard procedure for re-acquiring the network configuration automatically, the article says bonjour could be the culprit but your modem is the device responsible for configuring your network so if this trick works (it is basically the same thing as restarting the computer but quicker) then it still could be the modem and the PC is just “waking it up” when it asks for a new address.

If bonjour is causing this gateway issue then a more permanent fix would be to change the modem settings to “static configuration” and manually enter the default gateway and internal IP address on the PC, this will permanently set the gateway but I doubt the articles guess about what is causing the configuration to drop.

I think you just need a modem, your current one is probably getting lazy.