Suggestions and Bugs

Point is, they’re both in the same font on his PC, so if that was the issue, even if they showed up as a different font on mine, they should be the same. And his verdana posts show up correctly on mine.

I looked at your cp and you have the red quote with th garamond font.

Looks like the second line of his sig is in the default font.

[QUOTE=TheOperative]I looked at your cp and you have the red quote with th garamond font.[/QUOTE]I don’t get what happened. Both yesterday and today, I went into my sig file, clicked the cursor on both the red text and blue text, and both showed Verdana. Yet when Mom showed me how to display that mode you showed, it showed the name of that other font. Anyway, Mom told me a fix for it. But I have no real way of knowing if it worked, because on my computer both quotes always appeared in Verdana on my posts. I suppose I will know when Mom get on later, but I would appreciate some independent feedback as to whether or not the pixelgeist has been exorcised.

Okay, next question. Since the previous post was number 200, how the heck do I change my title? Mom and I looked all over the User CP menu and couldn’t find anything.

Is there a way to add the option of automatically subscribing to any thread you post in?

There’s an option below the post window that says “subscribe to this thread.” FC’s was set on to automatically subscribe to every thing he posted to, and between the two of us we finally got it figured out. I can’t remember the details; I think he still has to uncheck that every time he posts, not sure. So to make it permanent - I don’t know.

go to UserCP -->edit options–>look for "Default Thread Subscription mode and pick from the drop down list.

You can choose to get emailed immediately when someone posts, weekly, or never.

No suggestion or bug, but I notice that the rash of spam seems to have tapered off. Did you or your provider change something about that, TO?

Yes, I have noticed too, I think the update to the underlying software this forum runs on helped a lot. For example, now I can ban anyone from registering that has a certain email address domain. Most spammers use dubious email servers, that allow bots to go around automatically registering anywhere they can.

TO, were you aware that one of the Google ads that comes up at the top of the screen says “XXX Movie Archives”? Is there something you can do about that?

Yes I can, I can filter it out. Google doesn’t allow porn sites to be advertised, I guess that one slipped through.

If you see it just jot down the web address for me.

The ad reads:
XXX Movie archive
[SIZE=2]XXX [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Movie archive has links for “”[/SIZE]

And the address is:

I know that I am a “noobie” here, but I thought it would be a great idea if we could have some more fourm skins. You know, something with a little flare!

I would like to be able to paste and post articles from the likes of worldnetdaily,Humanevents,cybernewsservice and the conservativevoice.
As it is the standard size articles from those sights are to big for here.
All those sites have good articles on them and it would be nice to be able to post some of them and discuss them here.

In order to comply with fair use and copywright law, we usually post the first couple of paragraphs and a link to the rest of the story. I can’t legally allow full articles to be posted without reprint rights.

Here’s an example of how to do it.

It did occur to me about the copywright.Thou on another forum I was on and from others I’ve seen the posters were always and are posting full articles from sites. Regarding copywrights,why do all those sites allow everyone to print the articles if they are copywrighted?

Because nobody has called them out on it.

I meant in regards to the last question why do the online news sites such as Worldnetdaily, Humanevents and all the others,Allow everyone to print and or e-mail their copywrighted articles?It seems to me that is no different than clipboarding and pasting a article on a forum.

Well, if it is their articles they can let people do with them whatever they want, they have the copywright. Maybe I’m not getting what you’re saying.

Basically I know that I can’t copy and post an entire article verbatim from any news outlet without their permission unless it is explicitly given for such a purpose. Otherwise why would websites like yahoo, breitbart, etc…pay such a hefty fee for wire services when they could just copy?

Here’s a link to Fair Use.