Suggestions I have

“Moderated debate” section needs to be completely deleted and the “young republicans” section needs to be moved to the bottom, and replace moderated debate with a section called “State of the Economy” above young republicans. This thread is very different than the “money” thread. The threads in the money thread should be moved from the money thread to the “state of the economy” thread. Then delete the money thread. I’d consider adding a founding fathers thread of some kind. Also, threads that are created that no one posts in should be deleted, because new members that see no one contributing wouldn’t want to join due to many threads being inactive. That will also move up naturally the threads that people here did contribute in and show that this board is very active. Needs to be done to all sections of the forum.

Home page looks very unprofessional the way it’s structured. I’d make it all blog posts or all attention grabbing news or have writers contribute. I think every regular poster should contribute a blog post to be put on the home page. It will help the site a lot and make people feel like they can contribute and they will sign up and introduce themselves and post.

Well, I’ll give two suggestions:

  1. “Late Breaking News” and “In the News” should be merged. Too many duplications occur.

  2. Threads that get way off topic should be closed.


Thanks for speaking up. I agree 100%. Excellent suggestions.

My turn.

Leave things the way they are.


Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. These are obvious changes, seravee, that need to be done. They are improvements. I agree with not messing around with too much, but somethings are due for a change. 1 of the forums has been inactive since 2010.

Don’t you have a vacuum cleaner to service or something?


This topic is for suggestions only. If you don’t have any don’t post in it.

[quote=“Seravee, post:4, topic:43361”]
My turn.

Leave things the way they are.
[/quote]I second the motion.

I don’t disagree that some things could be changed, but I don’t see any of it as critical or needing WIJG’s attention. The site is now stable . . . I’m a firm believer in, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

As far as I know, nobody has any major complaints, and things work the way everybody NEEDS THEM TO, including myself.

If things were really in need of “change” (which I don’t see as the case), this very thread would be several pages long by now.

It does what most of us need it to do right now. Why make more work or expense for WIJG? Let’s not create a monster that WIJG will have to feed. He does enough as it is.


Well I hope you’re not an ICU doctor! Look at it this way, on the entire internet, this is the #1 site that comes up when one Googles “Republican Forum” and it’s a front-page result when one Googles “Conservative Forum.” This forum doesn’t seem to match that fact though. It would appear that the vast majority of the site’s activity comes from about a half dozen people who seem to be either retired or close to it. It’s a fine little group but it’s not a thriving place. On a good day there are maybe a couple dozen active users overall. The level of discussion is often just slightly higher than juvenile and in my opinion mostly amounts to a lot of ego stroking. The unused forums do give the impression that the place was once more active and that it has since been in decline. The general paranoia, quickness to insult, and vindictive forum moderation practices reek of defeatism. Plus the name of the website sounds menacing and joyless, but might actually be inviting if it were more tongue-in-cheek. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

For what I understand there’s going to be major improvements to this site by 2016. I suspect they will make the forum pretty much the same for reasons you mentioned bobjam. However, the 2 suggestions about deleting the moderated forum and adding an economy forum and reviving the young republican forum would be easy to make an already good board even better. Look at the moderated forum and the last time someone posted in it which was 2010 and you’ll understand that some changes “need” to happen and some improvements that are so obvious it should have been done a wile ago, where small changes will only create a win win.

No ones talking about major changes to the discussion forum. The big changes will come to the home page likely, and some additional features that enhance the site graphically/structure and security and enhance our ability to post and have great discussion without interruption. I suspect that’s where John will make changes.

If you browse this entire site there are things to improve. I know this, because of my experience with other discussion board websites. I suspect come 2016 you’ll be amazed by what this site can actually allow you to do and the way it looks, and you’ll say is this really possible? Yes it is possible.

We don’t usually agree Gov101, but you are correct. It’s gotten better over the last few months and people have lightened up some despite zero changes in point of view, which means a more accepting crowd here. It used to be way worse when I first got here. However, I have contributed negatively here the last couple months, but before that I was pretty serious, and got blasted for my point of views, however, like I said people here have lightened up and it’s been more pleasant. I have made a decision to be a contributor to this site both physically and with my posting by changing the way I post and what I post by staying on topic. That alone should add maturity to the discussions all by itself. Lot’s of it, and attract lot’s of new faces.

I will say that there’s always going to be that person who gets offended and leaves, because no one would agree with them and their point of view. The people that stay, though, will be the mature ones and the people that can have a gentleman’s disagreement and articulate it well and move on even if they didn’t influence anything.

There’s some clean up that needs to be done.

Four things occur to me then:

  1. If this site is not cerebral enough for you, then what are you doing here? Slumming it?

  2. Observation: YOUR ego is NOT one of the ones being stroked . . . not so? Or at least not by the members. Perhaps, though, you get some feeling of intellectual superiority hanging around us dunces.

  3. How would you change the board to meet your “level of discussion”?

  4. Do you think it’s prudent to insult the members of this board?

Let’s try to keep this thread on topic and about suggestions to improve it. Bobjam I think she was referring to me with the, “slightly higher than juvenile and in my opinion mostly amounts to a lot of ego stroking” comment. She’s correct that I’m to blame for that mostly. If she wasn’t referring to me then I think her perception is wrong like you do and the fact that she’s sticking around means this site is pretty good. Most sites are so bad the other point of view can’t even be mentioned. We’ve been pretty willing to listen to what Gov101 has had to say. I think that at least.

I think it best be handled this way. If you have a suggestion to change up the site PM WIJG. This is his site and it will change at his discretion.

The real question might be why don’t republicans want to discuss republican things on an internet forum? Democrat forums and liberal forums seem to be packed and those places are filled with negativity, paranoia, and seriousness too (way moreso than this place I think).

I don’t think its good for anyone to use insults, which is why I never do.

I think we both agree that conservatives and republicans are now finally willing to speak out and act now in large numbers and that the republican/conservatives message and point of views are more logical and stable than the Liberals. However, the one thing that republicans need to do and speak of more of is hope, ideas and a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s something that the Liberals can’t possibly talk about because they propose the same failed policy’s and have nothing new to offer. No change. Me personally I hope to bring more of this is my posts here at RO.

Apparently so…

Nobody should EVER get personal on this site. No reason to. Debates should never get to that point. That’s why sarcasm, racist remarks and profanity shouldn’t be allowed. As adults we should be mature enough to prevent that or know when to end the conversation.

Change for the sake of change, how very liberal of you. Change for the sake of stability, sure. Change for the sake of house cleaning, OK, it’s good to clean up once in a while. Change for the sake of the attitudes of the owners, why not. This is their park, we’re just playing in it. There is a lot to be said for a thing that holds it’s ground and remains steadfast in spite of “popular opinion”. In case you haven’t noticed, “popular opinion” tends to blow all around the political board depending of the sound byte of the week.

You are a guest here. You think something could be improved, write the owners. If it gets ignored, move on. Don’t keep bringing it up or you look like a petulant child. If you don’t like what’s on, change the channel. If nothing good is on (in your opinion), start your own network.

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