Super Bowl predictions

What are your Super Bowl predictions?

I believe…

Seattle 23
Denver 20

The Atlantis Magnaclams by three strokes, a free throw, a hat trick, a ground-rule double, and a seven-ten split…

I WAS going to say I’m more of Bronco’s fan, but figured Seahawks to win due to turnovers.

Understatement of the year or what?

May be THE WORST SUPERBOWL GAME of all time.

Well, I thought the Broncos would have won this easily.

[quote=“Bigfoot_88, post:4, topic:42544”]
Well, I thought the Broncos would have won this easily.
[/quote]Guess not.

Big yawner…

Bruno Mars put on a good show.

Worst Superbowl that I can remember watching…


I speak ONLY for myself here because I realize I am “behind the times” [thank God] and I no longer fit in with the “MTV Generation” but not only are some of these Superbowl Games leaving me a tad icy, but the half-time shows are leaving me totally stone cold, nonetheless laughing and cackling at these little juvenile uppity banty roosters who strut and prance about the stage.

These days they have to have blaring lights, multi-colored lights jumping all over the place, and digitalized images coming toward you, and such stuff as smoke floating around, and whatever else they can find to “jar your senses” and “stimulate” you.

When the half-time show started I gave them 60 seconds and then hit the Mute button and the wife and I sat there and mocked and ridiculed them as they strutting and pranced and wiggled and shook, with no sound in the room.

We did that for about 2 minutes and it got boring, so we left the un-Superbowl and went in search of better entertainment. I’ll take Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman over that little wiggler they had up there. I did know its name but deliberately forgot it [don’t tell me]. I’ll just call it this: “It That Is Not Worth Remembering.” … lol …

Earlier in the game I remember glancing at the slogan in a Pepsi commercial, as I recall it said, “Live for now” … heh heh, I said to the wife, “That sure sums up the secular swath of 21st c. America.”

Wait! Did I dream that? That’s to good to be true, isn’t it? That’s a VERY bold secular and very bold philosophical message-slogan for a soft drink company, would they really do that?

… moments pass …

I’m back.

Yeah, I wuz right.

Pepsi has “gone philosophical” on us!

Here tis:

The last Super Bowl I really and truly enjoyed was when Denver’s Bronchos won with John Elway.

I even liked the commercials back during that time period. Here is a cool Super Bowl commercial.

I love this commercial:

You will grin big.


Thought For Today.
America’s secular pop culture is getting more punkie every year … lol … it’ll be interesting/fascinating to see
what the little humanist banty roosters will do five years from now for a Super Bowl half-time show. Maybe a:
Live on stage sex change operation while the latest big hit rock band * Proud Feces *
sings their new hit song celebrating interspecies marriage, titled:
*My True Love Barks At The Moon. *


Edit… lol… to much … I gotta delete this thing…


The most lopsided in history, I believe, was the 49ers over the Broncos 55-10, followed by the Bears over the Patriots 46-10 and then this one is similar to Dallas over Buffalo 52-17. It ended up being a long way off from what I predicted, but I thoroughly enjoyed the game. All the talk of Peyton and Elway, Elway, Peyton, and Elway and Peyton, which overshadowed Russell Wilson by far just didn’t matter. In the end, the hype was worthless as the unexpected happened.

RW, I remember those games, and now have to take back what I previously said. As a matter of fact, back when, most fans were surprised if the Superbowl was a decent game, as they’re usually either low-scoring altogether, or no-scoring on one side.

A few pluses to SB XLVIII:

*Renee Flemings’ magnificent rendition of The Star Spangled Banner
*That the game was dedicated to those who served our country in uniform; past and present
*The reading of the entire, Declaration of Independence.
*Queen Latifah’s presentation of America the Beautiful
*The half-time show was enjoyable for a good number of spectators. (Not exactly up my alley, but a professional presentation.)

All in all, I appreciated the efforts of the coordinators to put on a presentation that was meaningful and traditional while remembering they’ve a younger audience to cater to, also.
Very well done. They showed style.


And seeing the scowl on Elway’s face when the Broncos were blown out.

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Oh, hang it all. How could I forget THAT one! LOL

What made yesterday’s game so bad is Manning’s very first fumble, but more to the point, that he wouldn’t let it go/couldn’t shake it. HE allowed the game to end, right there and then. You’d a thunk the guy had never been to a SB.

One mistake we both may have made on our predictions was listening to the commentators a little to much. Their repetition of, “Great Offense against a Great Defense” let me forget that it’s pretty darn hard to have a great offense your own team can’t protect the QB against a defense like that. (duh)

*An annoyance through the 1st half w/the commentators. They kept reminding everybody of Manning’s great comeback after a 24 pt setback…against the KC Chiefs.
HELLO! They’re not playing the KC Chiefs!
(Sorry. It was bugging me.)

Yeah, I expected the Seahawks to win, but I thought it would be a lot closer. I also am surprised Manning didn’t have his usual poise and get past the bad snap and safety. You’re right. It seemed after that play he just couldn’t get his normal demeanor. It was pretty evident when the score hit 22-0, especially with forsaking the field goal and going for it on fourth down and not converting, this would be too much of a hole to dig out of against Seattle’s defense. Against most defenses I would expect a comeback in the second half, but against Seattle, it was just too tall of an order to fill.

Yeah. What the heck was that not going for the field goal, and pretending they could get past Seattle’s defense on a fourth down? At that point, I was asking Mr. 2 just how much they paid Denver to throw the game. (Facetiously speaking, of course.)
I’m thinking we both figured the game would hang on turnovers, but sheesh, not quite THAT bad. Yikes. Embarrassing.

[Want to fill in here somewhere that I’ve been an AVID pro football fan in the past. As is, you know better than to call our home during Monday Night Football, right? And I was right 99.9% of the time on, “You Make the Call.” Was a blast! Got away from it for a long while, and am just now catching back up. Just getting used to/learning all the new rules is playing catch-up w/me; never mind all the players, etc.
I started to get back into it a few years back, but when I saw how the players were acting on the field as if “they were all that and more” simply for doing what they were paid to do, it turned me off so bad, I turned the t.v. off.
Now that I see the players acting more like sportsmen rather than showmen, I’m getting back into it.
Just thought I’d let ya know where I stood as far as being up on the game goes.)

Anyway, I was listening to Seahawk’s Richard Sherman - I believe? - being interviewed, and found it refreshing to hear a football player being so articulate, and clear on his message. Then, come to find out, he held a 3.9 average all through college? Yeah, I was impressed. (That is the guy, right?)

And boy howdy if Lynch can’t run like there’s wings attached to his heels!

Yes, it’s getting fun again.
(Eek. Sorry for the longevity.)

Yes, that’s him. He made the last play on Crabtree to secure the win over the 49ers in the NFC Championship. I came to the same conclusion you did, but after the interview and seeing some of the press coverage. Ironically, he took a big negative rap in the press and on some facebook circulations was referred to as a thug and a felon because of the interview with Erin Andrews. I just felt like the kid was excited, he made the play, there is a history between the two players and Sherman just sent his team to the Super Bowl. Andrews approached Sherman about five minutes after the play and he was still hyped up. However, all the negative coverage started. A friend of mine sent me a youtube video, which I will post below. It shows how articulate and intelligent the guy is. I also heard, as you stated, he went to Stanford and had a 3.9. The more I heard of him, negatively (which was inaccurate and unfair) and positively, I liked the kid more and more. Not only that, he shut Crabtree’s mouth, so I can’t be mad at the guy. I almost have to like him. Crabtree was the one dancing in front of the Packers’ tunnell trying to prevent them from exiting while they were being announced at Lambeau.
Here is the video segment.**

Here Rush defends Sherman.

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Thanks for the vids.

ACK! My ‘speakers’ disappeared. Give me a bit to get down my java, and wake up enough to figure that curiosity.

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I thought the best part was expanding the array of cities considered for hosting the game. Green Bay may be problematic both because of weather and lack of nearby population and good air connections. Aside from very small cities and markets, I think all football territory should be considered as Super Bowl cities.

RW, I didn’t forget; I just now ‘found’ my speakers.

Thanks for the vids. Sherman’s not only a professional, but a perfectionist - a true ‘student of the game.’ And yup, I learning to admire him as much as you. I like his attitude of, 'You can be a good athlete, and do well. However, it takes dedication to become an excellent athlete, ('cuz it takes more than athletic skill), and do great. Excellent attitude.

Thanks for the Rush vid, too. Now I know what occurred re: Sherman, Crabtree, and that interview. Agree; he was hyped, and Crabtree deserved it.

Back to about the game, in general. Like I said, been away from the game so long I’m almost new to it again. One thing I had heard quite a bit about was Seahawk’s high number of penalties per game. Translated to me that they had a proclivity for ‘playing dirty’, and who likes that?
Yet, throughout the SB game, it was the Broncos who were racking up the penalties, moreover, personal fouls.
Go figure.

Thanks again for the vids. Enlightening.

Agreed, except for including the First Hate Monger in the Declaration of Independence celebration as if she has not dedicated her entire life to spitting on it and the soldiers that have insured it will endure.

That was as close to throwing something at a screen that I have come in many years.

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