Super Hero movies these days

I recomend:


And while it’s not a super hero movie, per-se

Where the progressive troupes you are complaining about don’t exist and are fantastic stories if you don’t mind insane amounts of violence and, in the case of the Boys a little, very creepy, sexual inuendo.

That said, It’s not strong women that are the problem, terminator 2, Aliens and Kill Bill are good examples of good strong female characters.

The latest installment of Star Wars invaded by this bunch headlined by Kathleen Kennedy…

Is emblematic of what you are talking about.

The ultimate iteration on screen is Rey


A character with zero flaws who knows everything. I think you follow Critical Drinker who calls her “Space Jesus”…lol

Men have been portrayed this way and it never makes for a good movie, period. All characters should have adversity, some barrier to achieving what they want. Usually strong characters have real flaws that we can relate with.

Star Wars latest installment was the biggest waste of money ever on a film, and not just because of Rey. The Story was a parody of the originals.

That said, my liberal friends and I recognize what’s going on here elevating women at the expense of men and frankly we think it’s ridiculous. But the opposite can also be true.

The movies you mention (terminator, aliens, killbill) are great because the female leads aren’t invincible. They can make mistakes, they can be hurt. Ripley, Sarah, and the bride are timeless. They are badasses and they earned it. They aren’t mary sues.

This new generation of movie heroes who are literally infallible simply because they are women… uh.

@gutsandcasaca you know a woman can break you. FFS my wife broke me today I ended up apologizing for becoming angry at stuff she didn’t do that let to a medical event. Somehow I don’t watch comic book movies or Anime. I haven’t seen the PC push on Better Call Saul or The Walking Dead. Except the walking dead has more disabled characters and I think wow I though folks like me would be the first one gone in that event. I was told the Last of Us 2 was a PC push but I didn’t realize it till you pointed it out.

Totally agree. But it makes no difference to me if the character being portrayed as invincible is male or female, in either case the strength of any character shouldn’t come at the expense of other genders, races (unless it’s a period piece).

The issue is that men have been portrayed that way in the past and women have objected but some are guilty of doing and supporting the same. It’s called hypocrisy.

There are certainly examples of this that pervade Hollywood today. That said, I think it’s a fad and it will wear off, but we can agree not soon enough.

In the past, and now the present, there have always been movies that are intentionally about some super badass mofo, whether male or female. I’m not going to argue that. But in real life 99% of women aren’t mary sues. And 99% of men aren’t super badasses. But the 1% of men who are, are badder than the 1% of women who are. This is why traditionally we have separated mens and womens sports, because it’s unfair to the women who have to compete with men. Anyone who has ever played a sport in their lives knows it’s unfair.

Everything else on that list is all arbitrary, and either side can lose. But in Hollywood these days they’re trying to make that list actual real life. It’s not real life.

Take into account on this video THIS woman was the baddest female fighter on the PLANET at that time, and the dude is a total nobody. IDK. IDK.

This game is the pinnacle of what the left is using the media to create. In this game, you see a young teenage girl become gay and have gay sex and whip the snot out of and/or kill every man who crosses her.

Perhaps if they manage to continue to effeminize men for the next century or so this will become reality but since the dawn of time up until now this has not been the case. This probably has never happened.

She kills a lot of women too. I didn’t see it as PC until you mentioned lesbian. If you think that people are dumb that if you tell them to be gay they will. We should only have media that tells people to be lawful, conservative, straight wait no wants to watch that jazz. Sounds like some leave it to beaver crap. I dunno man, culture war is what it is, you can’t fight a culture war with laws. You have to make media compelling your side of the argument. Con Air (1996) was a about a white straight male punished for doing the right thing and he becomes the hero by saving everyone and all the villains are PC nut jobs.

you want to make a bet? For every woman she kills in that game she kills 50 guys. I know. I bought it when it came out and played it for a day.

The cut scenes or gameplay? Cause she actually kills this one guys wife but leaves the guy. The main chick she’s trying to kill at the end you are forced to almost kill when you want to forgive her. Ellie is a horrid person that’s why you are forced to play the other girl to see how flipping awful Ellie is. Even, Ellies GF leaves her cause she’s stupid and selfish. She could of saved the whole world but that old man pulled her away in the first game and created a monster with the ego the size of Texas.

I been exposed to rank media all my life I never cheated on a woman, I never ugh done two at once. I’ve been to two orgies but just watched and one of them was all ugly peeps so I kinda just kept self reflecting on my state of mind. I tried giving a guy a hummer for shock value but it was more collateral damage. I wanted to do that for shock value at a house party, and my biology is like stop. So you can’t make someone gay. I don’t want a poly relationship, I don’t want a man, and yes I grew up watching oh what’s the gay channel from MTV LOGO cause there was dyke stuff on there I liked, so guess what the programming failed. I really really don’t think its a choice people like what they like regardless. I hate beer and booze. Used to be a pot evangelist now I hate it. Peoples tastes change. Only thing I’ll hit is DMT on a really I gotta be feeling it kind of night.

You about got me to a pavlov point I’m gonna get two dogs and try to get them to do each other and give them chocolate each time they get close to see if it can be done. I don’t think it can. I had a cousin that tried to go with a tranny he didn’t “Feel it”. All that make up all those hormones, all that time, still realized his biology said NO. He was way more liberal than me like anarchy kill all the cops communist. I’m like damn reduce and defund their numbers and make them sueable you never dabble with communism lest you’re retarted yeah I wanna be in school forever that’s communism no choice.

I suspect it’s not a fad, but manipulation intended to disrupt western (especially American) society, courtesy of the same entities who are trying to mainstream all the LGBT stuff; especially the T.

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The problem that those of us who cherish civilization, and see it being undermined – ie conservatives – , have, is this: we got here because we evolved institutions that work. But not all past institutions were, by our standards, good. So we cannot just say, ‘All change is bad’. (If that were true, then we should be deploring the invention of the bow-and-arrow and the discovery of how to make fire.)

So … the family seems to be a very important institution for the preservation and advance of society. Most of the young males killing each other in the inner city have grown up with single mothers … a development that accelerated over the last sixty years.

So we may deplore the decline of marriage, which also has gone along with a decline in the birth rate: intelligent young women want to have a nice career, and currently, bearing and raising children is in tension with that.

On the other hand, surely the emancipation of women has been a good thing. Even from a purely pragmatic view, doubling the size of the pool of available engineers, scientists, doctors, mathematicians, is something to be desired.

So it’s a dilemma. Liberals will have no problem urging statist solutions to this problem, for example, the provision of universal, free, high-quality child-care, so that a young women keen on a career will only have to spend a minimum amount of time not on her career path.

Conservatives don’t have a ready answer to this problem, other than saying ‘We should honor motherhood’.

Here is where we should bite the bullet and steal the liberals’ clothes from them, just as they have grabbed flag-waving patriotism away from us while they demolish statues of Confederate rebels like Robert E Lee (while preparing the way for attacks on slave-owners like Washington and Jefferson, and racists like Lincoln).

To preserve society, conservatives are perfectly happy to endorse the most extreme extension of government power: conscription, and the creation of massive government-dependent military industries (and the military itself). Needs must.

So we should extend this attitude to the necessity to ensure that we do not dwindle away demographically. (And this is independet of the decline of American civilization – even a ‘Red State Redoubt Republic’ would face the problem of a birth rate below replacement level.)

But how emancipated are they? In the career arena, certainly to a large degree. But the left fed them the lie that freedom includes sex outside of marriage, and that guys will respect them anyway. Instead, guys said: “Cool, sex without responsibility.” And after they had their fun, they were like: “Now get lost, b****.”

Leonard Nimoy wrote and recorded a song called Maiden Wine decrying this (he performed the first and third verses in the Star Trek episode Plato’s Stepchildren) The third verse goes like this:

With smiling words and tender touch:
Man offers little, and asks for so much.
He loves in the breathless excitement of night;
Then leaves with your treasure in cold morning light.

I happen to think it is a very sound answer. I didn’t intend to make this post about song lyrics, but the contemporary Christian band (they now do mostly stuff for kids) Go Fish, in The Mom Song, had this line: “If you have the most important job in the world, you’re a mom.”

How do you enforce fertility?

Just do what the Republicans have been doing. Ban abortions, restrict access to birth control, slash sexual education programs.

That’s not enforcing fertility. No one is obliged to have sex. But from all that I’ve seen, the left is largely against abstinence based sex ed (don’t do it if you’re not married to each other). And why should abortion be viewed as birth control? As to restricting access to birth control, the only thing the Rs are doing is not providing it for free. That’s not “restricting;” you might as well say that the government is restricting access to F-15 Eagles because the government won’t give me one.

One of the big problems for the middle class is that “responsible breeding” has become so expensive. With inflation out of control, it’s hard to justify extending the family when you can’t afford it.

Responsible elements of society limit their pro-creation through birth control. Irresponsible elements have sex and don’t give a crap if they produce children when they don’t have the means the to support them. Have sex, father a child and then disappear. Unfortunately this all too true in the Black community where there are too many single mons who can’t control their out of control kids who make life hell for everyone in the inner cities.

You can’t discuss these issues with liberal Democrats because all they will do is yell “racist!” and ignore the topic and the problem.

Because it’s largely ineffective at preventing unwanted pregnancy. Teenagers are morons, when has telling them not to do something ever worked? You have to trust them with the real info and tools.

I’m not saying it is, but banning it is a way to enforce more babies being born.

It should be though. Ask women you know, many are on hormonal birth control to regulate their hormones and make their lives more comfortable, even when they aren’t sexually active. It should be covered as any other medicine is.

Ya’ll watch the handmaids tale? I feel like I’m gonna have to go with the The Joker (democrats) Or The Handmaid Tale (Republicans). I’ll take unorganized chaos (democrats) over organized hate.

Sex education programs have done a BANG UP JOB BRO. In fact, if we had less sex education, maybe we’d have less bastards and homosexuals. Just stating the obvious, don’t get offended, neither of those are bad because of themselves. They’re just indicators of society in decline.

And who is saying we need to restrict access to birth control other than catholics? And maybe if we had less sex education, we’d have less babies born out of wedlock? The two seem to go hand in hand for those of us not living in denial.