This has nothing to do with politics, but it is a conspiracy theory none-the-less. I think that the game was turning out to be a complete blowout and would have been over far too soon, so the NFL purposely cut power to help the 49ers calm themselves and ice the Ravens. That and the NFL wants all the money they can get from those outrageously priced ads. I don’t trust anything the NFL does since it is a very communist type organization. Just saying…

Nah, it was too much power being drawn, and the circuit monitors did their job.

Contrary to any rumors, Shawn Payton did not pull the plug over a draft pick dispute.

the NFL doesnt get the ad money the networks do

You guys are totally ruining my fun. And as much as I hate Payton (Division rival), Id never expect him to do that. Goodell on the other hand. I wouldn’t put anything past him.

**SILENCE!!! Thou shalt be stricken!

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Well, the NFL did trumpet the fact that it’d be the “greenest” Super Bowl in history, for what that’s worth.