Support the troops!


But seriously, unless you have worked in the military, you have no idea.

What military were you in, the Romanian military?

I have never been in the military. I did work for DFAT for a bit though, which caused me to “work” alongside some diggers. And you are missing the point of why I a laughing at a Trumps sponsored ad.

I know you are a Trump hating idiot, I know you are a Leftwing imbecile, and I am fairly sure you are a foreigner, so that’s all I need to tell you to fuck off.

I have been in the military and I have no idea. Could you explain it to me?
Is it because Trump evaded military service himself?

As opposed to Biden who got multiple deferments for “asthma” after playing football for 4 years in school?

Did he evade military? He spent his schooling in a military school. How many democrats were in the military?(After WW2)Clinton, Obama? Trump has done a lot for the military over the years, I suggest you study a bit.

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C’mon. Trump did what tens, hundreds, of thousands of young men did then. He found a way to avoid going to risk his life in an obvously un-winnable war. Or at least one that we were obviously not going to win, even if it had been winnable through doing something different from what we were doing at the time. There were and are lots of neo-con hawks who did the same.

Now, you can tell me that had the US been fighting something like WWII, that Trump would have volunteered and served with distinction. And since no one can prove it either way, I wouldn’t argue the case, and leave you with what I consider illusions in someone who is not a model for personal behavior. Because, at this point, he is what we have got. And you go to war with the army you’ve got, as Mr Rumsfeld said, and we need to concentrate all of our energy on defeating the Democrats.

Furthermore, I think at this point it’s positively harmful to try to pretend that this man is anything other than he is, a great collection of human faults. Because there are people who know just what kind of person he is – volatile, narcissistic, stupid – but who have to be convinced to vote for him anyway, because the alternative is far worse. (If we could ally with and support Joseph Stalin against Hitler, then anything is possible.)

And I don’t mean the fact that Biden is rapidly losing his marbles. In fact, it would be even worse if Biden were, say, Bill or Hillary Clinton.

We’ve got convince, for example, those evangelicals who would sit this election out because they can’t bring themselves to vote for someone like Trump, that by doing so, they’re ensuring a Leftist Supreme Court, unless Trump manages to get a conservative appointed to it before he leaves office. It’s a particularly difficult example of “rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” And, of course, Mr Biden is no model of honesty and chaste behavior himself.

President Trump may be volatile and narcissistic, but he’s ANYTHING but stupid. If he were actually stupid, he’d be slinking off into obscurity instead of fighting to save this country from the leftist anarchists.

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I was informed by Trumptrain2 at the NEW forum this morning, that he is banned here.

Yes, he was very abrasive, but his posts beat the hell out some far left radical who hates the country and it runs it down in every post. I have one of those on a different forum. I was hoping that Trumptrain and he could get together.

I’m sorry to see him go.

I LOVED his energy and dedication to the forum, but he had a bad problem NOT being reasonably civil.

Heck even when he had absolutely no reason to be nasty, he did it anyway, this being a good example:




This forum is doomed.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass


then after my reasonably civil reply he says:



You asked me to consider you as a Moderator when I gain ownership…, a few days ago

I rescind that request. You’re like a John Kasich, an enemy-ass-kissing wussy. I hope the owner never gets back to you.


The photo is from the Trump presidential campaign. It’s asking people to support the troops. I’m assuming US troops, but the meaning isn’t clear seeing as the photo is of MiG-29s and soldiers armed with something other than M4s.

Ha ha … another own goal! (On the other hand, if those Russian troops are fighting ISIS or other Islamists, then more power to them. Heck, I seem to recall that the USA sent tons of aid to Russian troops when we had a common enemy about 75 years ago… of course, they were controlled by Communists then, so that probably made it all right in the eyes of the Left.)

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