Those big government progressives/leftists out there, please provide just ONE (1) example of an activity/service the federal government performs well (aside from burning through your tax dollars, of course). By well, I mean an activity/service performed effectively, efficiently and within budget.


well I’m no government supporter but NASA is the ONLY agency that actually does what it says it does. NASA ironically is the only government agency that creates things and can help usher America into ages of prosperity. What do they do? They gut it!


I’m thankful for safety regulations imposed on companies. The free market by itself does not have a motive for safety—it has a motive for profit, and if safety comes in the way of that, it will sacrifice safety, as shown throughout history. The safety regulations imposed on companies acts as a balance against companies that would serve to sacrifice safety, and I think that is a good thing.


Per Trekky0623 - The federal government activity that is effective, efficient and within budget is that of racking up regulations? In other words, that which the government does well is produce regulations. In terms of shear number of regulations you would be correct. In terms of quality - not so much, and the cost to consumers is stagering. Do we need some regulating of private activity? Of course. However, over 400 new federal regulations have been put in place since Jan 1, 2013!!

I rest my freakin’ case!!

BTW, if car seat A is shown to have been a contributing factor to a child’s death/injury in, let’s say, 20 instances and car seat B in only 3 instances and car seat C in only 1 instance how long do you think it will take for car seat A to revise its design or go out of business? Point - Much/most of our system is self regulating.

What REALLY requires regulating is the size and scope of our government. We, as citizens, can only/best do that at the ballot box. Given the condition of things I would conclude we continue to “soil” ourselves whenever we are within the confines of the voting booth.


LOL… hard to think of anything Mike… and I’ll disagree with the NASA nomination by JJF. I think they’ve done wonderful work…but the cost is quite excessive as recent private ventures are showing. It is one thing to be happy with the results of a government program. It is quite another to get such results efficiently which seems quite beyond government capability. I would suggest that this applies to ALL levels of government…but more as you get further away from the people and local accountabiity.


There are some good things they do but due to the nature of our budgeting nothing is done efficiently.


Hello there, Cam. Good to see you are still here. I don’t come by quite as often as I once did - perhaps 3 or 4 time per week. Seems I don’t see your name here that often these days either. I had to laugh out loud at our resident liberal’s remarks - pretty damn sad when not even he can point to anything the feds do effectively and efficiently other than spew forth endless and most often mindless regulations.


Have been out of pocket a bit with the Holidays, Mike… and in a bit of a post election funk as well as I contemplate 4 more years.
Will try to do a bit better in the coming months…Hope your holidays were good & batten down the hatches for 2013!


We had a nice holiday season - nice to live close to our son’s family and the two granddaughters. Reminds one what’s really important in life. I just wish the granddaughter’s futures looked brighter. They will likely be catching the brunt of the fallout. Post election funk -Cam, I know just what you mean. Yep, we had best tighten the seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 4 years and probably well beyond. Best wishes to you - looking forward to reading many more of your informative posts.


The gov’t does an excellent job providing healthcare coverage and pensions for our overly esteemed representatives. That’s all I got…


The U.S. Government is the most efficient force in eradicating Individual Self Determination, Natural Market Forces, credibility in science, Individual Rights, an effective Education System and the capacity of citizens in general to think critically.

These goals have been shared by every Totalitarian and/or Communist entity in the world all through our history but our own Government has managed to achieve them in just 40 years time without firing a shot domestically.

That is pretty darn efficient if you ask me.


Some people on this forum are exhibit A


The govt does a great job of preventing attacks by foreign countries. It does a great job of securing resources in other countries. I have water at my place, so great job there. There’s a good electricity grid where I live.


[quote=“BullsOnParade, post:13, topic:37698”]
The govt does a great job of preventing attacks by foreign countries. It does a great job of securing resources in other countries. I have water at my place, so great job there. There’s a good electricity grid where I live.
[/quote]You seem to not know that the electric company and water company are not owned by the government. I guess you want that.


Amazing isn’t it?


Two giant oceans help us more than our gov’t. It’s especially apparent when you notice attacks on our embassies that are largely succesful.


Actually the water is owned by the city I live in. Whoops I guess you’re wrong. Stick to the things you know about.


Have you ever been in danger from a foreign country on American soil?

Ps check your pms


You forgott the caviate of “within budget.”


It used to; I don’t think it will keep that up much longer. And water & electricity aren’t supplied by the feds.