Well, I had a feeling this was going to happen. And, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The left-wing marxist commies have perpetrated the longest and most vicious coup d’etat against a sitting President. Can you imagine the outcry had the pubs tried the same thing with BO?

Well, there’s nothing more to say about it. It’s done and so am I. I would think that there are many out there like me. But, one thing I hang onto and that is that the American people will have the last word. It may take awhile, but it will happen. So, I go on doing what little I can to make life as pleasant as possible. God bless all of my patriotic friends on RO. It’s what got me through this.


Yea, I hope my retirement nest egg will last. I know I have too much money in the stock market, but the lower risk instruments pay nothing. I did a bit of the junk bond thing and had fewer winners than losers.

The excess money the government is putting into circulation is inflating stock prices, because so much of the money that would normally go into saving accounts, CDs and bonds is invested there.

I can’t establish any better than the media has done by itself just how little what they say matters these days so I won’t try, it just bothers me that they still have the power to inspire hopelessness and Trump has still not been able to inspire confidence after all that he has done for 4 years now.

This is not over, Trump knows he won and he will make certain that the fraud is exposed, it would be prudent to prepare for the violence from the Left when he does but preparing for a Biden presidency is just funny.

I love how you guys consider counting votes is undemocratic. Because basically that’s what this goes down to.

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No, this will come down to counting legitimate votes; that is why you don’t want it to happen :rofl:

You know as well as we do that Biden didn’t win, you also know that the “peace” we have now will turn to bloody violence the moment your fraud is exposed because that is how you guys deal with not getting what you want :wink:

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Poll watchers have a legal right to observe the counting of the votes. That law was violated in Pennsylvania, even after a court order.

Yes, your side won, and you are happy. But you should be equally concerned about the democratic process, and it was not observed here.

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I don’t think anyone “won” in this situation. It’s true that President Trump will likely be vacating the White House–a loss for the country, let alone a loss for Republicans. But, it’s also true that the left has lost any hope they had of keeping their true political leanings “sub-rosa.” They’ve exposed themselves and aren’t going to be able to deny their true leanings ever again.

And like the Communist Parties in Russia and China, they will take over and control everything. The rights of the people will be defined in terms of equality of income among the races. That is the great far left objective that the colleges have pounded into their students. In the end the vast majority of people will have a lot less than they have now.

There will be some very wealthy people. They will be those who hold high level positions in the government and those who have acquired great influence from that government. There will capitalism of a sort. The Russians and the Chinese learned that the the central government can not make and produce everything effectively. Private companies will exist as they do in China. Those companies will be tightly regulated and taxed by the state.

This is not communism but fascism. Although the left runs away from that term like the plague, that’s what they are advocating.

This cannot be prevented, only delayed. The media and the education system have become too corrupted to reverse it.

The last ditch firewall is in the two Senate races in Georgia. If the Democrats win those two, the Senate is tied and Harris will hold the deciding vote. If the Republicans win at least one, they will be able to delay the process for two or four years. The party that holds the White House usually loses ground in the off-year elections.

Gore was given 3 recounts which all produced a Bush win, there was no suspicion of significant voter fraud in the Obama and Trump wins.

But if the Trump team is not given access to the envelopes that verify the legitimacy of the mail-in ballots that were introduced this year it will mean that the election will never be accepted as legitimate.

The only way to preserve the faith in our process is to prove to everyone that we follow the pre determined rules, the courts will be deciding much more than just whether or not to give access to the evidence; they will be deciding whether Conservatives can ever trust the election process again.

If they choose to deny access to the evidence Conservatives won’t burn the cities down like the Left do but there is a very good chance that they will decide that they no longer want to be part of the United States; disenfranchisement of Conservatives due to election fraud will likely lead to a Red State secession movement.

They must allow the proof of who won to be brought out as they did for Gore in 2000, the kooks will never accept it but the kooks never accept anything that they don’t like; what you want to avoid is convincing the non kooks that you have screwed them over because the non kooks will not take that on their knees.

I was just thinking this evening that we never received any kind of compensation during BO’s reign of terror. Only a decent man would think to help Americans during the shut down. Normally, those of us who are on Social Security retirement know that BO only gave us a raise twice during his 8 years. Each raise was about 1%. Not much, but at least something. I guess I’ll just be watching while the USA self-implodes.

I have been thinking about the worst thing Biden will do as soon as he’s president. It will be open borders. Biden will do away with our southern border, and the onslaught will begin.

He raised his hand for free medical care which will begin to overwhelm our already stressed system. Then the crime will increase and the drugs will pour in. With left wing calls for defunding the police, our safety will be at risk. Get ready for new caravans with nothing to stop them.

Most people who voted for Biden didn’t think of this result, but odds of it are very real.