Suspect in Waukesha ‘mass casualty incident’ identified

BREAKING: Suspect in Waukesha ‘mass casualty incident’ identified as career criminal Darrell E. Brooks

Let this man go! He’s a hero and I’m going to burn sh/t down until he’s freed!

This event hits close to home … Two of the targeted parade goers that were injured are grand-nephews (ages 9 and 6) of one of my daughter-in-laws. One required surgery on a leg injury and the other received medical attention and was released from hospital care. :neutral_face:

Dude rapped about killing white folks for fun. It looks like a hate crime? Anyone disagree?
I think were at this point, where black folk who kill in the name of hate, are committing hate crimes.
I don’t think this was political I think It was racial. Even if he claims politics, DNC will condemn unlike J6. In Muskegon we had a guy who beat up a gay white man and he got charged with hate crimes and he told the judge he didn’t mess the dude up cause he was gay but because he was white. The judge was like that’s the definition of a hate crime and the guy lost his crap saying it was made for minorities.

Anyone who defends this POS deserved to be Rittenhoused. This is not a Jacob Blake situation. Guts can we be sincere again this once you kind of nailed it and once and while satire serves a purpose.

@Unitedwestand, have you ever considered that teaching critical race theory, telling people of color that they are all born losers and re-enforcing that comments about how ALL White people are guilty of racism BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE, might be encouraging this behavior? The Democrat positions on race do nothing to fix the problem, and are making it worse.

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I’m starting to see a correlation now I’ll give you that. Look in business I don’t give a rat’s fink what color people got other than green. You got green I got goods. Facebook Marketplace, I do alot of reselling, and I’ll be honest it don’t matter what your race is you pay the same price, you get the same product, I get the same cash. Maybe it ought to be taught that alot of people wanna live that way. That stuff used to suck, but alot of people are just trying to feed their famlies and make the most outta life.

Wait. You mean you are charging black peoples the same money as white peoples? Damn dude and here I thought you were a good person

Another black racist, taught to hate white people by the democrats.

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Dude was on a crime spree knew he was going away for quite a while was bitter and did a really crappy thing. It wasn’t about race it was about a man making bad decisions getting bitter and being angry and people being happy. Does everything have to be about race what about the las vegas shooter was he a white supremacist no he was a crappy person who did crappy stuff.