Swallwell intimidating Witnesses?

You must go to the site to see the texts that a tipsy swallwell sent to Michael Caputo who was testifying before the house. Sounds a little threatening.

My favorite part. Swallwell, probably more dimwitted than aoc…….

I remember when Corey Lewandowsk testified before Congress, he addressed him as “President Swallwell”. Eric didn’t flinch but kept his goofy smile on his face. I got the impression he was basking in the thought of actually being president.

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All that Bozo will forever have on his resume concerning the presidency is, “Ran for President of the United States in 2020 with 26 other Democrats and got nowhere.”

But like most Democrats in safe House districts, he will be a Representative until he dies or gets foolish enough to think he can run for Senate.

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Did you ever see the movie with keifer Sutherland…Freeway.

Swalwell is Bob Wolverton.