Sweet and Salty Tears 😭

I’m sure that some of you have heard of the DU?

For those of you that have never heard of the website … it is the place I go to, to collect liberal/socialist tears, especially after a loss by one of them.
(In this case, Joe Biden)


Democratic Underground is an online community for members of the United States Democratic Party. Its membership is restricted by policy to those who are supportive of the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates for political office.

It saddens me to think that there are so many that think and actually believe like the folks on that site!
(Downright Delusional)

“I Am So Disillusioned”

“I Feel So Bad For Biden”

“Are You As Discouraged As I Am?”

If our local party had threads like that I think they would be reminded to man up. Maybe the Midwest is vicious to how San Fran talks about the party or the Cautious feel Stacy Abrams shows… whining will get you nowhere here.


this thread is more representative how our local debate operates at least.

All politics is local.

I would say Michigan Democrats are a bit ugh tougher same with Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin Democrats. No matter what the law is no abortion/abortion no this no that Chicago will still be Chicago. Try and put an abortion clinic in rural Kentucky and see how well that goes, about as well as taking one out of Chi-town.

You try to appoint electors against the people’s will by states that have large empowered minority populations you can bet January 6th will be considered tame and short, in comparison. I know lots want state legislators to appoint trump back in in 2024 be careful for what ever anyone wishes for. People will be people.

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