Swetnick Attended Gang Rape Parties Until . .


OK, OK, I didn’t attend Yale, only lowly Stanford. I did not make my life’s work the law; I am a simple man who was a Los Angeles cardiologist/surgeon. Consequently, one might expect that, compared to the Ivy League trained attorneys on the Senate Judicial Committee from both sides of the aisle, I’m a little “slow”.

Taking my obvious and expected lack of analytical ability into account, I hope some of you will follow my rather dim-witted view/reasoning regarding Ms. Swetnick’s allegation that places Brett Kavanaugh present at 10 parties she attended in the early 80s in which boys would spike the punch with drugs, incapacitate girls and line up to have their way with them.

Ms. Swetnick isn’t sure Kavanaugh lined up to take his turn raping these girls, but she does claim that she observed him standing near the infamous punch bowl - of course, the desired inference being Kavanaugh might have been the spikee of the punch.

So, we are being expected to believe the following:

  1. This woman claims to have attended high school parties; a woman who would have been at least 2 years out of high school using her time line, How many college girls did you see at the high school parties you attended?

  2. Ms. Swetnick claims to have attended 10 such rape parties. Does anyone believe any woman in her right mind would attend 10 such parties where girls were being drugged and boys lining up to rape them?

  3. That Ms. Swetnick stopped attending these parties only after she became a victim - per Ms. Swetnick.

  4. That Ms. Swetnick never reported these activities to the police or her parents? That none of the girls gang raped said anything to their parents or the police? That none of the other kids in attendance at these many gang rape parties, said anything to their parents/police?

  5. That these many gang rape parties could have taken place without everyone within a 100 mile radius hearing of it? The kids in the local schools would not hear about it and talk about it?

One has to be mentally defective to buy any part of this BS. Ms. Swetnick is a sad reminder of how screwed up some members of our society really are - the same could be said of the Democrat members of the Judicial Committee.

Finally - about the new clarion call that Kavanaugh was a drunk while attending Yale. Let me get this Shiite straight - Kavanaugh was a drunk as an undergrad and a law student while, at the same time, finishing at the top of his class at Yale.

I mean, really, WTF!! There are no words that can do justice to this idiocy.


As I posted before, this woman who talks about 10 gang rape parties is confusing those events with a Stormy Daniels porn film script. She is a client of Stormy’s lawyer, and as such has not credibility.

Second, if Kavanough was a beer alcoholic in college and finished first in his class, I guess, my problem was I didn’t drink enough. I only got inducted into Betta Gamma Sigma, the business school honor society. If beer makes you that bright, then it should be the required beverage at all colleges.


During the first two years or so of the Civil War, the South won all the battles, more or less. Finally Lincoln put a guy, US Grant, in charge who knew how win (mainly by attrition). So the Union started winning.

But … he was a heavy drinker. So the story goes, a delegation from the Women’s Christian Temperance Union turned up a the White House and got an audience with the President.

They said, “Mr Lincoln …you’ve got to get rid of that General Grant.”
“But … he’s turned the war around … finally, we’re winning!”, the President replied.
“That’s irrelevant. He’s setting a terrible example for our boys … he’s a known heavy drinker”, was the rejoinder. Then they left.

Lincoln turned to an aide. “Contact General Grant immediately!” “With what message, sir?” “Find out what brand of whiskey he drinks … and send a case to all of my other generals.”

Probably too good a story to be true, but I’ve got an idea: a new brand of beer: The Kavanagh. “Go to the top, drink Kavanagh!”


Funny, but probably true–insofar as Kavanaugh is concerned. If he was a sloppy drunk as some lefties have contended, please explain how he managed to graduate HS AND college at the top of his classes. Maybe we should encourage OUR kids to be sloppy drunks, too.