switch off ageing process could lead being delayed in humans

Scientists have discovered how to switch off the ageing process in worms - which could eventually lead to the mechanism being delayed in humans.
The study of worms showed adult cells abruptly begin their downhill slide when they reach reproductive maturity.
A genetic switch then allows ageing to begin by ‘turning off’ certain processes which protect cells within the body.
The finding is significant because humans have the same genetic switch - and means eventually it may be possible to delay ageing and certain degenerative diseases.

Scientists could delay ageing process in humans after new discovery in worms | Daily Mail Online

Years ago I had a science fiction book in which people lived a very long time and when they reached a certain point the aging process would kick in and they would only last a few days.

Now to equate this to reality, if this became reality, then would people still want it rather than ageing normally?

The thought of not suffering aches and pains as one ages is appealing

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They’ve already accomplished that in the public schools. They just turn off the brains, and nobody grows up.


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They’ve already accomplished that in the public schools. They just turn off the brains, and nobody grows up.

Interesting indeed. There is a horrible and rare disease called progeria. You have probably seen the results, a kid is 12 but looks to be 65 or older. It is a horrible, heart wrenching disease and its always a tragic experience. I wonder if there might be a voluntary testing environment in which to attempt to apply such science to those suffering from this.

I can’t imagine having to make a decision to test out new science at great risk. If ever there were such a risk worth taking I imagine sufferers of this disease would be a high priority group, assuming it is even a possible cure.

Hebrews 9:27
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

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Now that was funny! :coffee_spray:

Hmm. You bring up a very good argument in favor.
My first reaction wasn’t all that positive because the choice in things medical always start out to be just that; a choice. Then, next thing we know, it’s so common ‘everybody does it’; then, next thing we know, it’s mandatory.
But, by golly, if it can be used for good - go for it!

As everyone knows, there were people protesting Edison’s use of electricity for all the harm it cause society.
Has electricity been used for harm? Yes.
Has the good outweighed the bad? Do we have a resounding “YES!”?

I hate being of two minds, but on things concerning life longevity, I am. There is very little guarantee that that longevity will have good health to go along with it. Let’s face it, getting old is painful, and costly.
OTOH, maybe the longer we live, the more time it will give us to cure what’s ailing us.

Bottom line, how much we try to fool with Mother Nature has always been a conundrum of mine. And yes, God enters the equation, too. Just what did He intend?
I don’t know. I only hope that whatever inventions, cures, treatable conditions, explorations into space and things unknown are all a part of His plan.

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