Syria pullout critic Sen. Lindsey Graham reverses stance

Syria pullout critic Sen. Lindsey Graham reverses stance, now says Trump’s policy could succeed

Trump is right about Syria

Syria’s been a Russian Client state since the 1950s.

We weren’t there fighting Isis. We were running guns from Libya to Syria to “arm the freedom fighters” and topple Assad. It was “regime change” again.

Amazing how our “journalists” just ignored all the weapons and money O’s crime club, with the help of McCain, dumped into Syria that ended up arming ISIS.

Obama-Clinton-McCain etc were too stupid (Or Crooked) to learn that Isis is one part of the Anti Assad forces.

So anything we gave the “freedom fighters” ended up in Isis hands.

That’s why you saw the pictures of all the trucks we bought “the freedom fighters” hauling Isis troops around

We had NO BUSINESS being in Syria. Trump is merely cleaning up one of the disastrous mistakes the DC Lobby for for Perpetual War made

Ever wonder why the O regime did nothing to stop ISIS selling oil out of Syria?

Why the 0’s regimes rules of engagement specifically prevents bombing oil shipments or oil wells?

It wasn’t until Trump brought it up at a 2015 debate that O was forced to take action. That’s what broke ISIS back, not some 50 guys hanging out with the Kurds.

Remember all the bombast at the 2015 debates where both Democrat, and Republican, candidates were trying to out macho each other on a No Fly Zone against Russia in Syria?

If any of that “thinking” had been made policy we would of been in a shooting war with Russia over Syria now.

Trump is trying to clean up the mess Bush 1-Clinton-Bush 2 and Obama created.

Bush the 1st made a massive mistake ending our “Over the Horizon” posture in the ME.

By failing to decisively win Desert Storm in 1991 Bush locked us in a full body hug with the Middle East ever since.

We’ve been fighting in the area almost 30 years now because of that disastrous mistake.

Assad and the Russians are minor players. He may end up with a drastically smaller Syria. The map of the region will eventually get written by the locals: Turkey, Iran and the Saudi/Israeli/UAE “alliance”. We would be fools to get involved in this pow-wow beyond logistic/weapons support for the Israelis and Saudis, and continued harsh Iranian sanctions. I’ll put my money on Turkey to come out on top.