Syria to use Saran gas against Israel


I keep hearing that Syrian Dictator Assad is preparing to use his Saran (nerve gas) against his own people.
This scenario crossed my mind.
Assad attacks israel with Saran gas killing millions of Jews, the radical muslims unite behind him as their savior.

This may or may not work, but in Assad’s mind it may be his last hope of holding power, and considering that muslims hate Jews more than Assad, it may just work.


So his plan is to get nuked into oblivion? I can’t see any good reason to try that. Especially when one considers he seems to have the upper hand in the conflict.

When you see the old guard and the rebels in a protracted “stalemate” it’s the old guard that emerges victorious about 4/5 times. Unless we step in (like in Libya), Assad seems likely to retain power.