Syrian Rebels Try to Shoot Down Commercial Airliner


I’m so glad these are the guys we’re supporting.


Assad or the Islamist rebels … pick your monster. [sarcasm] Egypt and Libya worked so well, why not do the same in Syria? [/sarcasm]


I’ll take Assad any day of the week. The islamic terrorists can burn in hell. Assad protects Christians, these terrorists will likely drive out the rest of Syria’s Christian population and massacre those who stay, just like what happened in Iraq.


The Obama policies or lack of, have created a tremendously unsettled middleeast. There is no right or wrong, only who respects power better. The Muslim Brotherhood was an insignificant bit player throughour the middleeast, but have gained a power base that will rock the Arab world for decades to come.


You may have a point, Jebby. Assad, like Egypt’s Mubarak, seems “merely” corrupt and oppressive to maintain that corruption. The Islamist radicals who seem a major (or the dominant) part of the rebels in Syria (and in Egypt) would be “principled” oppressors - domestically and in foreign relations. And while Christians would special targets for them (as in …), they would also go after minority Muslim sects and Muslims who are not “Muslim enough” (as in …). It is sad that there seems no better alternative in such countries than some one/group who is/are at best generically corrupt and oppressive.


To quote a line from a great song by The Who. “Meet the same boss, same as the old boss.”


Sadly, the Egyptian and Syrian people have been “fooled again”, though.