Scenario: The anticipation is over. On the heels of some provocation, the Chinese establish overwhelming air superiority. A naval blockade ensues.
Using normal Democratic presidential historical war fighting procedure,what happens next?

Well, recent historical data on Democrats says we ramp up our drone strikes and kill a lot of civilians inadvertently(?). It’s not my first choice, but that seems to be the protocol.

There’s the good old bi-partisan strategy of launching a coup to overthrow our combatants, but that only tends to work on relatively weak targets that can’t retaliate.

I am not sure if the country will go past “sanctions”.
Preemptive strike: no way
Retaliatory strike: who knows
Response by overflying or bombing mainland China:see under “Cambodia, Laos ,Hanoi,flight rules of engagement” no way
Marines over the beach at Eastern Taiwan?

Editorial notes: Rules of Engagement were put in place during the Vietnam War BECAUSE OF THE CHINESE
The rationale was that flying in Chinese airspace is providing an invitation for escalation.
The model for this was the Korean War,when the U N approached me Yalu River and the Chinese border and were in such a dangerous position following the Red counter attacks that MacArthur called for nuke strikes.
He was sacked.

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No matter what, always remember it’s Biden’s fault. This is true because Hunter owned a laptop.

Which has tons of incriminating evidence on it, but you don’t care. You only want a cover-up. A Democrat crook is a good crook!

This might be the reason your heroes dump Biden after the mid-terms, but the official reason will be because his health is too fragile.

Yes, much of it is because Biden is so weak. No one on the world stage fears or respects him. On his last foreign mission, world leaders had to lead the frail old man back to his seat after he turned around and shook hands with the air once again.

You are in Australia and only look at what you want to see. American citizens see this in the news on a regular basis. If Biden were not the President of the United States and “the leader of the free world,” you could call it elder abuse to keep him in office.

As it is, only about 30% of the voters approve of his policies. That 30% would support him if he came out to a press conference, dressed in a bedsheet, and announced that he was going abroad to meet with Winston Churchill. And yes, in her last years, my mother, when she could still speak, told a doctor that Eisenhower was President of the United States, circa 2005.

Oh, good…if nothing else,we could be setting up Nancy Pelosi for martyrdom in Taipei. Of course Xi is NOT Mao Tse-Tung and nobody knows how much he will risk to “save face”.
Oh.well…time will tell

I’m worried about the pilot and crew.

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Obviously, my first reply was very sarcastic, also layered with some truth. No matter what happens in Senator’s Leghorn scenario, everyone here will work hard to make sure it is Biden’s fault no matter what. Cool. But what should the US do if China made a grab for Taiwan?

Honestly, what it should be doing now - everything possible to blunt 一带一路. Because trust me, it’s coming.

Now obviously the smart people here have figured out 一带一路 means “Belt and Road”. And that it has two components. Political security in South East Asia and trade security in Eastern Africa (though strangely not through eastern African nations). Any action directed to blunt such an initiative can only divert China’s attention away from Taiwan.

So let’s look at Africa. Yeah, those sh@thole countries that our Lord and Saviour Trump thought had no significance. Honestly, in my opinion a concerted effort to actively improve countries like Mozambique and Algeria with legitimate no strings attached would probably lead to China being forced to pack their bags before they start. No d@ck waving required and would actually be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Now South East Asia. That’s a little more tricky. The US’s go to ally in that region is Australia, and their reputation with other SE Asian nations is complete dog sh*t (trust me, I know). This is something the US must do alone without any support from the Australian Government. And I mean that. Neither from their Foreign Ministry or their Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (which wikipedia says is the same thing but they aren’t. If you want an American comparison consider the NSA and CIA relationship) The Biden Administration must interact directly with key players in the SE pacific. The simplest way in my opinion would be to open a dialogue with PIF (Pacific Islands Forum) and of course ASEAN. I would leave APEC alone as that would look like a deliberate attack on China’s economy. Which is a fair move of course but if Foghorn’s magical scenario occurs but it is never smart to advertise one’s intentions.

But that won’t appease right wing Americans because they have a very short attention span and love bombs and explosions and stuff. To that I suggest RIMPAC. Extend it beyond August but only have a few very specific nations participate in the extension. Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines. Trust me, I’m not a fan of the governments of any of those nations (and The Philippines has a huge effing asterisk next to their name considering their last election results) but they are definitely the lesser of two evils here…

So that’s a couple of ideas that would most definitely be cheaper in the long run, but not as glamorous.
But, hey, if all else fails blaming Biden can work too at a pinch…

She didn’t say she was going to Taiwan. She said she was going to Tie One On.

I don’t rule it out, but I wouldn’t bet against you.

By the way, I think Biden’s “rebound COVID” is Democrat-ese for "keep him sequestered to prevent WW III "
How long will he be isolated, you say?
Through November. Surely the CDC have enough varients for 4 months!!!

oh…now that is a possibility.

Covid will be a good excuse to keep Biden off the campaign/endorsement trail. He would be a drag on any candidate who appears with him.

As far as “the Hobby Horse” that Biden & Co. have been riding, Climate Change, is concerned, the sky is the limit for change if we go to war over Taiwan.
Like WW II,. nation’s on a "war footing"throw all environmental concerns out the window. Then there’s actual war damage…or nuke fallout. Climate Change indeed

Pelosi is going to asia but taiwan is not on the stated docket. She’s going for shared interests…which means insider trading, padding the purse, money money money…power. How is this trip in her purview? Just getting in one last tax payer funded trip before the gavel power changes.


who would care if she was shot down. not even her husband.

Reading the Fox News today, one says Pelosi is going and one article says she is not going to Taiwan…
Please clarify

Oh, but he would care. Who is going to give him his stock purchasing tips?

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