Maybe what he has accumulated is now enough if it means he gets a 40 year younger woman.

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I wonder if there is enough money in the world to satisfy Nancy Pelosi and hubby along with Hillary and Bill Clinton. They keep collecting and wanting more with their government connections. Yet they to punish the wealthy people who run successful businesses with provide employment to hundreds if not thousands of people.

They get lots of money from doing nothing constructive. They don’t end poverty for anyone despite their campaign promises. Yet they denounce those who make their employees financially sound.


No, it’s probably true because Biden is an old incoherent man and his son was busted with kiddie prawns and meth smoking on his laptop?

So the Chinese have to shoot down ONE MEASLY PLANE!!Just one big, unarmed jet, for goodness sake!!!
No we obviously can’t trust the Chinese,.
UNLESS this is a subtle Oriental plot to destroy American morale and further weàkeñ us with Saint Nancy the Martyr!!!
Oh, dear…

I’m not seeing this in the news. What’s this about?

Hyperbole and satire…
In other words, after the Chinese boast they will knock off Pelosi,they get cold feet and the USA get stuck with Madam Speaker.
Alas! Maybe North Korea could invite her over? A flyover,that is .
But you can’t trust Kim either…
Maybe vote her out of office…ah, fantasy!!

Ah, okay.

In her district, that’s for sure.

According to The New York Times, China will attack Taiwan within two years. The reasoning? Weak, irresolute Joe Biden will still be in the White House.

Who knows? Maybe Joe will win the Neville Chamberlain award for appeasement of imperialist dictators. Xi and Hitler are soul mates.

Putin is a Hitler/Stalin want a be. If the world were just, Putin would be arrested and tried as a war criminal the second he stepped out of Russia. But, of course, that will never happen.

My thought exactly.
Funny old thing, history…

I love how no one here is even willing to discuss my alternative and yet are willing to slap each other on the back because d@ck waving foreign policy has worked so well in the past.

You wrote kind of a wall of text, but I’ll take a stab at a little of it.

Foreign aid has had mixed results at best. Mostly, it’s crap, and often, I suspect it’s money laundering.

I don’t have any comment on the SEA scenario you laid out, as I’m not that familiar with it.

Remember sixty years ago, when LBJ & the DEMOCRATS led the USA into limited war to halt Communist Aggression? It was conducted in a Biden-esque manner, without plans, equipment or reason to do the job.
Stand by for history to repeat itself