Taking Down Monuments … Revolutionary War Hero, Caesar Rodney, Is the Latest

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Last night the Democrat controlled City of Wilmington, Delaware took down the monument to Revolutionary War Caesar Rodney. The Rodney statue had long been a symbol for the state. It was displayed on the 1999 State Quarter. He has long been a hero that school children of my generation admired.

Rodney was one of a three man delegation who represented the state at the Continental Congress. In addition to that, he headed up the state militia during the Revolutionary War and it was those duties that he him absent from the Congress when the delegates were preparing to declare our nation’s independence.

The Delaware delegation was tied, 1 to 1, over the issue in independence. Rodney’s vote was required to break the tie. Rodney mounted a horse, in the middle of a thunder storm to make the 70 mile ride from Dover, Delaware to Philadelphia to cast the state’s deciding vote. Eleven states voted for independence, including Delaware. This statue commemorated Rodney’s ride. It should be noted that Rodney was suffering form facial cancer at the time, which would take his life in a few years.

What was Rodney’s sin which required the removal of his statue? His family owned a plantation in the Dover, Delaware area, and they owned slaves.

You know who else owned slaves? Washington and Jefferson, and they are going to be next.

The London branch of Black Lives Matter now wants to remove the statue of Winston Churchill.

These people want to re-write history just as they did during the French Revolution. The time has come for us to get a backbone and say ENOUGH!! NO!!!

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They’ve been at it a long time right in our public schools. My sister, a first grade teacher in a public school, told me that Christopher Columbus was a barbarian, enslaved native populations, and murdered hundreds of them. This is what is being taught to first graders in a “good” public school in VA. I was speechless when she told me that. I couldn’t bring myself to even attempt to argue with her because she won’t hear it. She’s just as pickled in this Marxist thought as the children are.

The conversation you had with your sister in the public schools shows why we now have violent, irrational demonstrators who are unable to see to both sides of the issue. The education system has turned many of our young people into violent bigots. They have been trained to be far-left robots.

Yes, Columbus treated some native people poorly, but on the other side he opened up the Americas to western civilization which brought with it both good and bad. Native Americans were not saints. They had wars, practiced genocide and engaged in human sacrifice. They were not all “civilized” and full of sweetness and light. Western Europe brought civilization to the Americans, and if it had not been Columbus, then it would have been someone else.

The arguments about Leif Erikson discovered America are true, but he didn’t do much in North America once he landed here circa 1000 AD. His more lasting accomplishments were in Greenland where he did the king’s bidding and brought the benefits Christianity. When it comes to the history of North America, Leif Erikson is no more than a footnote.

This comment would get me in trouble on any other site, but I don’t care.

I had the same attitude has these protesters, I’d been within my rights to take a sledgehammer that mural that shows George Floyd depicted as an angel with wings and a halo. He was convicted of armed robbery and held a gun on people during the commission of that act. Since he is not perfect, we should tear down the memorials to him. He had a lengthy police record.

This gets back to the old saying, “He who is perfect should cast the first stone.”

Why do Americans sit in silence as these ignoramuses destroy our history.

They are brainwashed by the education system, or they are afraid to speak out.

sounds like she got the same education as someone else on here I won’t mention. And that know it all attitude also.

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It is up to families to teach children American History and undo the damage schools do.

Most families of young school aged children are equally clueless on our history. The schools all the way from primary to university have been shoveling $#!+ for many years. I went to a conservative Jesuit university in the '60s and the required two courses on world history were taught by an admitted Marxist. Luckily I was fairly well read on history and, to his credit, he did allow questions and discussion.

Glenn Beck is having a special dissecting the lies and distortions of the NYT’s “1619 Project” Wednesday night. Unfortunately I think it’s behind the BlazeTV’s paywall. He’s presenting another (free) one on Thursday presenting an accurate portrayal of our history.

The “1619 Project” is being put in place in many school districts and should be investigated and fought locally.

It’s up to parents to educate their children in everything. Public schools are not equipped or able to give a child a proper education. If one cant afford a private/parochial school, then homeschool your children.

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excellent idea and better for your children…certainly safer. And don’t believe anyone who says, homeschooled kids are not socialized. Yes they are. Not just socialized…they ARE CIVILIZED. Not these little feral chil’ren attending public schools who are NOW first year plus college stud3nts who have no respect for the country, our history, peoples’ persons or property, themselves.

Now let me say this. IN our area…they are going to open schools at this point WITH, plastic shields, social distancing, masks for kids… they’re stupid right now…think of the extra brain cells that will be killed by wearing masks 6 to 8 hours a day. NO herd immunity and there will be more disease, contagion and deaths. They know freaking nothing now…what are they going to learn after that scenario…hopefully how long six feet is but that will be it.

Secondly…to keep 'our chil’ren safe they are considering a 2 day week. Watch our academic standards and standing fall even lower than it is now…especially in light of the cost of plastic shields, policing these little skulls of mush, less time in school, more problems for working parents to jockey time in school and baby sitting schedules. Tax payer hosed again.

homeschool your own children to save this nation for posterity and your childrens’ futures.

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You are absolutely correct, Caroline. When children are homeschooled, they are being taught by their first educators–their parents. What is tragic is that many who want to homeschool their children are being told that they have to get the permission of the local school board. NOT SO!! Parents don’t need anyone’s approval to homeschool their children. Do you realize that the government pays over $20,000 per student per year paid by your tax dollars? And that’s for gradesK-8. High school is even higher. That’s the main reason why school boards, teacher unions & federations, dem politicians fight tooth and nail for each child. They also hate the fact that parents can get vouchers now. Whatever you do, get your children out of the gaping mouth of the marxist public schools!


AMEN, CT! Homeschooled kids are more civilized, generally smarter and tend to be MUCH better citizens than those raised in the public school system of almost ANY city in the country.

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