Taking page from Trump? UK building 'big new wall' to stop illegal immigrants


Taking page from Trump? UK building ‘big new wall’ to stop illegal immigrants | Fox News

In what could be a “told you so” moment for Donald Trump, the U.K. on Tuesday announced plans to build a “big new wall” at a border port in France to prevent migrants in nearby camps from sneaking aboard vehicles heading to Britain.
Robert Goodwill, minister of state for immigration, announced the plan for a wall in Calais, France, at a Home Affairs Committee hearing Tuesday, saying it would be in addition to an already existing fence.
“We’re going to start building this big new wall very soon,” Goodwill said. “We’ve done the fence, now we’re doing a wall.”


I don’t suppose that Obama would consider moving over there after he gets out of the WH so that he could impart his wisdom?


Total agreement with your supposition even though it makes both of us dreamers!


I’ll be happy if Cher, Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Streisand make good on their promises to leave.