Hi WIJG, would it be possible for you to install Tapatalk on RO so we can access the forum on our mobile devices or tablets?

I have installed it on my forum and it’s a very simple process of registering the forum at the Tapatalk website and then uploading a directory of files to the server. There is no cost to the forum owner.

Thanks for your consideration!

What benefit does Tapatalk have? This site looks perfect on my iPhone/iPad.

You access the forum with an app, rather than with a browser. Makes it easier to navigate, especially while you are on the move. It might be OK on an iPad, which I don’t have, but navigating the site on a browser with an iPhone is a PITA.

Interface looks like this:

Interesting, thanks for the info. I might check it out, but I usually prefer the “real” forum look. Never had problems with forums on my iPhone (I regularly post on 3 including this one.)

Yeah, it’s clunky on my phone’s browser. Something made for an app might be pretty cool.

Sounds interesting. I only access the site when I am at work on my phone but if it is free and does not hinder site performance then it might be worth trying.

Will consider it for Christmas :slight_smile:

Cool. If or were easier to view and post from my phone I’d be on here more often

This is still a really good idea.

WIJG, this is a very quick setup and would really be handy for those of us who would like to access RO on our phones.

You just need to register your forum, upload a directory of files, and import an XML file and you’re all set.

15 minutes maximum. And it’s totally free!