Tapped Phone Call Reveals What Obama is Giving Syrian Refugees Upon Their Arrival


**The name of one of the largest networks set to receive Syrian refugees is the Refugee Services of Texas. $1,243,000 was redistributed to RST last year and that amount is expected to increase significantly this coming fiscal year. $1.2 million may not sound like a lot, but consider that RST only handles a small percentage of the refugees coming in. **The cost per refugee is unknown, but we know the Syrians coming will get flights, apartments, furniture, education, healthcare, a welcome kit that includes a lump sum of cash, monthly cash payments and job placement programs. We know this because it was all explained in a secretly recorded phone call obtained by a LibertyNews.com source in Texas.
**The caller dialed one of the RST offices as a potential volunteer looking for information. During the course of the call the representative described the program along with the benefits that come with it. I wouldn;t spend a great dea; of time listening to the call. You;ll get the idea pretty quick!

Unreal! - Tapped Phone Call Reveals What Obama is Giving Syrian Refugees Upon Their Arrival | Politics

What is interesting is reading this comment from someone in Germany who blames us for his country accepting “refugees” M y take on it is their leader is doing wrong just as obama wants to do and there is now talk of rebellions in the nation. Many of these "refugees fled supposedly from war but sympathize with ISIS. The result is Germany is being over run with Jihadists bent on establishing their version of society.

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Tell me, dear article writer, how many refugees will Obama call to USA and finance their lives?
Fifty thousand? a hundred thousand?
You from big fat USA dare to complain about such a handful of additional immigrants while we Germans actually, already, have to handle, on that small acre of land which our country is as compared to yours, one and a half millions!
Actually we Europeans are doing the job that USA should do itself, together with Israel.
It was US and Israeli policies that caused the turmoil in Near and Middle East and the refugee issue.
USA should take 1,5 millions of refugees, or more, there still is enough space for them, and Mr Netanjahu should donate to USA a good deal of money for feeding and housing them, from the flourishing Israeli diamond trade;
but we Germans should take only a hundred thousand, because we do ENOUGH good in the whole world, and our little country-boat already IS FULL.
The only explanation why USA does almost nothing to solve the issue while we Europeans have to carry an unsustainable burden is that USA WANTS Europe to be destabilized, to make it more susceptible to bribe and blackmail. No reasonable European wants the TTIP agreement. But as soon as we are in such a trouble that the European Union got to go to Big Brother USA and beg for help, we will be blackmailed into accepting TTIP.



0bama is doing everything that he to destroy this country before he leaves office.


Two comments:

First I totally agree with you in that obama is working hard to remake the country a third world nation with no real identity dependent of others to sustain us. Meanwhile he continuously raises taxes and fees which do nothing but fill government coffers that he uses to keep in power.

Secondly the German’s comment is misplaced in he blames us and Israel for what is happening to his country. Sorry this smacks of anti semitism when it comes to Israel and any one with a lick of brains knows that if Israel were gone the impetus by these muslim invaders would still have a muslim dynasty.

It is not our fault these countries permitted mainly young men not even fleeing from war torn nations to come to Germany and others. These nations now have found that these invaders hold no value for their nation and treat it like a rubbish bin and rape center while they tell citizens they must bent to their will.