Tariff cost to U.S. manufacturing


“Beyond reducing manufacturing employment,” he notes, “the study concluded that producer prices increased, but that manufacturing output did not. So the tariffs didn’t just hurt the economy as a whole, but damaged the manufacturing sector specifically.”

Basically, when the price of commodities like steel and Aluminum went up, companies responded by importing the finished goods they were trying to build. So instead of foreign steel, we have more foreign washing machines, tools, and garbage disposals. Built out of foreign steel.

The tariffs are a primarily political tool of persuasion. They will go up and they will go down, get used to them.

What we did with the “new” NAFTA" says otherwise. We’re writing sweetheart deals for certain industries while screwing others, along with exporting our minimum wage to Mexico.

If that’s the vision of future for all of our trade, all you’ve done is made our economy more statist; put it at the mercy to the whims of politicians and the political process.