Taxpayers money $$$$


Well wife needs a car for her business and we head over to where we bought hers. They got a trade in that is the model she is looking for. Its a Cadillac Escalade EXT, PLATINUM. We do a trade straight across car for car, good deal, I pay no sales tax.

I go to insure the car and I do it on line and I get to the part about what was the original sales price? I have no idea and I type in $55k, it rejected, I type in $45k, no dice, I try $35k no working, then $65k, nope, $75k, bonk, wrong answer and I am told to contact the insurance company???

I call them and give the gal the VIN and she looks it up and she tells me it cost just at $92,000 bucks new…WTH??? You crazy that cannot be right, I can buy a Caddy Escalade all day at $55k and less even. But no its a $92 + TTL car???

So I look into this.

I stop off at a Caddy dealer and ask them, well its got special suspension, wheels, completely different interior and YES it is NICE! Heavy duty stuff, axles and shocks for high speed driving etc. But its a special order rig only…REALLY, in fact the dealer tells me they rarely sell one…WHY?

You are gonna love this!!!

They are built for the FEDERAL GOVT, most are in Wash DC and Caddy doesn’t even advertise the things. Something to haul around Congress folks like Pelosi and Reid and other politicos!!! Not sure why some Chevy Suburbans would not do for our politicians…

Wife wanted it as she packs a good load of stuff and the EXT is EXTRA Long and she can get all her stuff in and still have a row of rear seats, something she could not do on her other car.[LEFT][/LEFT]


Speaking of insurance I have made inquires lately about car insurance and it shocks me to barely mention my name they seem to have all kinds of information on me. I also called for a relative and I experienced the same thing for the relative. So much for all those stupid privacy statements they send out.