Tea Party Groups Set to Sue IRS


Tea Party Groups Set to Sue IRS
by Rick Moran


More than a dozen Tea Party groups will file suit against the IRS this week, Fox News reports.

The groups will be represented by the American Center for Law and Justice. ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow believes the number of plaintiffs will grow, although he doesn’t know if the groups will file individually or as part of a class action suit.

“Rogue” employees? The remarkable thing about the stories that are emerging from various Tea Party groups is how consistent the IRS in the kinds of information they want — information that is clearly beyond the purview of their mandate and could even be considered trivial or harassing. Someone at the IRS took the time and effort to develop questions which they knew that organizations run out of a home would find burdensome and even impossible with which to comply.

I suspect this may prove to be the start of an avalanche. Would that Congress could/would forbid the IRS’ using tax $$ to defend these lawsuits! Force on IRS employees the choice between using their private $$ or surrendering … kind of like those IRS employees did to these groups!


What are you saying? They are suing the IRS not the employees and if the IRS loses it comes from the same money congress wants to spend. The groups wouldnt want to sue the employees there would be no monetary gain in it also there are certain immunities from civil suits that govt employees have.