Teacher Calls Students Racist, She Shows Up to Class to Find a “Decorated” Room


An adult ‘teacher’ with no sense of humor.
No problem … her students make up for her lack by having a ton of their own!

Asheville, North Carolina.
(Link to the article is posted below the video)

… irked that her students continued to remind her of the election’s outcome and that she lived in a red state. She appeared to point to Florida on the small map.

Throughout the video, the teacher repeatedly stated that she had been warning others that her students weren’t simply “rowdy,” but were disrespectful racists who deserved to be chastised.

Down the hall a few doors, another math teacher, said to be Mexican-American and who was also apparently not a fan of the president, found a “wall” blocking the doorway to her classroom.

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What those kids posted was ONLY “racist” because this moron of a “teacher” has bought the left’s propaganda that President TRUMP is “racist,” hook, line and sinker.